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Scylla's Microcosm-

This appears to be the inside of a crimson-mottled violet sphere several yares across. A round, tightly woven straw mat, in the style of a combat training mat, curves along with the bottom of the sphere. The wall of the sphere along periphery of the mat is covered in elaborate etchings of battle scenes. Ghostly geometric patterns flicker in the air. Dull embers drift down from above, trailing in a gentle fall through the air. Leaping tongues of flame roll along the sphere's heated interior walls, casting flickering, dancing shadows. The sphere is lit with a uniform, soft light from no apparent source. Through the slightly translucent wall, the churning chaos of the Exoma is dimly visible. The area is permeated by a haze of shadow, a dim airy radiance, a dim earthy radiance, a dim fiery radiance, a dim golden light, a dim watery radiance, an intense, vibrant auroric radiance, and an intense, vibrant sparkling light. The area has a tracery of dark radiance, a tracery of shimmering indigo haze, and a webwork of pulsing chaotic glow within and around it. The area is reasonably well-lit. The only obvious exit is out.

Scylla's Runes

The polished surface of gold band is etched with the runes memtholin, somagth, krah-li, ekaschos, wzadris, rethnal, venglar, aaglyth, mizakral, omavistis, qiange, vanar, ciiv, klizmaphex, hytelmos, thabtka, n'rax, zadash, zil, irimdes, sithalg, quesivsk, uvmodath, b'ryzmkel, jaderaleq, festiglis, batarim, khyaros, dysamak, syraivek, qx, grynovsk, elithban, uanedryl, nimisae, clazaphar, b'padhax, symnat, paezan, arkonaad, tzakhos, xantaras, jainz, zerivalak, ravarak, poltradn, and ylamari, resembling these diagrams:

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