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My father was a head guardsman for the underdark, and mother was the head of House Vn'Lalleth. I know little of real facts about our House, rarely taking the time to speak to the people of Yathryn when my travels take me there. My father was the Head of the Guard Household, and spent many a year training my elder brothers and cousins and defending Yathryn from the monsters that lurked in the tunnels, and the so-called 'heroes' that sometimes venture into our homeland. He was loyal, to his house and to Ygelleth and that was his undoing. In the quick and swift rebellion that saw Ygelleth thrown down and Ghaundaur raised in her place House Vn'Lalleth was destroyed and what was left of my family ran out of town. Of course I didn't learn this knowledge until more than forty seasons after my birth and many more since the actual events. My father took the lead in the journey of their exile towards the 'surface'. A perilous journey but one he felt was safer than remaining in the Dark Lands below. The Dana and the others looked down on our kin viewing us as monsters or demons. Evil we were named because we came from further down in the dark than the dwarves. East he travelled, leading the dwindling group and over the sea, far to the east they'd hard dwelt the Dark Lord who might aid them. However some tired and finding the dark woods of Avalon a group of them settled there. My mother ruling over the new 'House', a cabin built by the hands of my own father. And the group dwindled further still. I don't know whether she really loved him or whether he was just the best of what was left, but it was then she took him as her mate.

My father knew nothing of the surface, but he did not want to scare the group by letting them know such things. Therefore, he did not realize the new 'House' was located just a short distance from a Knight encampment. Now, at the time, most of the Knights were in training. They were led by a head Knight, as all parties are. His name is Prince Gavadel. Not only did he serve Camelot, but he was also a TrueBorn Amberite. A man of great power and wisdom. He let his young squires and yeoman go on a hunting expedition without him, for he felt his Knights would be able to handle such a simple task. They managed to stumble upon the new House, naturally, it was daylight. A few of the knights wanted to tell Gavadel, but others believed it was time for them to become heroes, and that slaying the drow, would surly get them full Knighthood. They attacked the house. My family, was killed in their sleep. One of the knights, noticed my mother was with a child. He demanded that they let her go, for it was not the will of Yehovah to kill a woman who is pregnant. She ran, hiding in the shadows after they released her. She traveled west, took a boat across a ocean. She was a strong woman...but she was scared for what lies ahead.

I was born in LostHaven, a place where no one hated us for being drow. It truly was a place of haven, i lived such a happy childhood. Not knowing of how we came to be here, or why i was the only child like me. Many seasons crossed, me and my mother lived in a small cabbin, just outside of town. Id sometimes play with the other children, but couldnt stand the infernal sunlight all the time.

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