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[ Virtu ]

Virtu is a quality as difficult to quantify as it is significant. Virtu corresponds with skill, but it is not skill; it corresponds with glory, but it is not glory; it corresponds with strength, but it is not strength; it corresponds with courage, but it is not courage. One must have balance to have Virtu, as well as experience and daring; a Lupine who is charismatic and cunning has Virtu, but one who is not may also have it. Virtu is first among the Measures, and may be evaluated with 'show Lupine status'.

It is one's Virtu which determines how great one's Rage and Gnosis may be. Every Lupine has either a predisposition toward Rage, a predisposition toward Gnosis, or a balance of the two; one's Virtu is divided according to this reckoning to find the Rage and Gnosis one possesses.

One's Virtu is a measure of both one's power and one's standing within the Lupines. A Lupine of lesser Virtu must defer with respect to one of greater Virtu; one of greater Virtu must behave responsibly and with discipline toward those of lesser Virtu, showing them a fit model of the behavior one of Virtu undertakes. Two Lupines of equal Virtu should always conduct themselves with respect toward one another, as befits equals. This is Tradition. Any Lupine may sense whether another is of equal, greater, or lesser Virtu; use the 'consider' command to determine this.

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