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    This is a monstrosity that is roughly spherical in overall shape, its body covered in plates of
greenish-mottled yellow chitin.  It has a gaping mouth lined with double upper and lower rows of
long, pointed, widely-spaced teeth, above which is a massive polychromatic eye.  Above that it is
festooned with eyestalks, all apparently moving independently and looking in different directions. 
It hangs in the air with no apparent means of support.  It is a bezhuldaar, a member of a race
known no less for habitual cruelty and taste for the flesh of other sentient beings than for the
tremendous power of their many eyes, each of which has a different weird ability.  The large
central eye always, as far as is known, projects a powerful anti-magick field, but the small
eyestalks can have a dizzying array of deadly abilities varying greatly between different
individuals.  Any bezhuldaar is best treated with extreme caution, if not outright terror and
fleeing.  It is covered with strange scorch and burn marks, and its limbs seem unnaturally
mismatched, as though it had been cobbled together from the pieces of many bezhuldaars.  It bobs
about unsteadily in the air, as though it is unused to its present means of locomotion.  It is
Wamnock, who is reputed to be one of the three crime lords that vie for control of the undercity of
Leah's Hill - the only place in the mysterious city where crime may escape the notice of Vargas the
Eternal.  It is known to be a biophrast of passable skill, who enjoys experimenting upon subjects
controlled by its powers of domination.
  • Info:
    Its limbs are named right fore eyestalk, left fore eyestalk, right mid-fore eyestalk, left
mid-fore eyestalk, right middle eyestalk, left middle eyestalk, right mid-hind eyestalk, left
mid-hind eyestalk, right hind eyestalk, left hind eyestalk, central eye, and main body.  Wamnock
was created by Marcosy and Saeban; the source code was last updated Fri Oct 27 21:12:11 2017.  The
bezhuldaar race was created by Chaos, who wishes to credit TSR Games as inspiring this work; the
source code was last updated Thu Dec 29 20:05:30 2016.
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