Wamnock's Lair

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Accessed from an unusual cave in the undercity of Leah's Hill, these random tunnels are home to Wamnock the Twisted and his disturbing and dangerous creations.


The Urga write scrawl on the walls. Collecting all the scrawls and assembling them gives you this 9 line orison of unknown order, unknown meaning and unknown purpose:

 the death of power is the anguish of helplessness
 the blood of anguish is the life of power
 the anguish of life is the power of death
 the power of pain is the truth of life
 we take power over anguish for life and death
 we will master pain so pain cannot master us
 in the name of those who have gone before
 for the hope of those who will come after
 in the name of the Muglal and Bugra Ugog


Bring a panoramicon, because the map shifts after some unknown interval of time.

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