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All Aligned are wanderers by nature, and your inculcation and habituation of this nature has afforded you knowledge that allows you to eideturgically enform a principle of wanderlust into a mimetic mote.

This form allows one to release the energies acquired with the form Mimesis (Aligned Form) in an encapsulated bubble, allowing the principles of the mote to subsist for a time independently of the telesmatic field that normally underwrites mimetic motes. The principles will coalesce to form a wandering "seeker" that attempt to find and harm one's target.

The target must be within one's general area, but not so close that no wandering is required to reach hir. The energy of the seeker will depend partly on one's facility with this form, and partly on the strength of the principle within the mote being used as a catalyst. Using a mote to create a seeker will deplete the mote.

Knowledge Requirement

one of

acting skill of 25 or higher, mimicry skill of 25 or higher, physics skill of 75 or higher, biology skill of 75 or higher, philosophy skill of 75 or higher, or metaphysics skill of 75 or higher


global exploration percentage of 64 or higher

Facility Formula

5% of perception plus 5% of intellect plus 10% of ego plus 10% of enchantment plus 10% of bellerophrasty skill plus 10% of lexiturgy skill plus 10% of divination skill plus 250% of global exploration percentage

Facility Rating

136 to 450

Energy Costs

200 spiritual and 25 order

Process to Actualize

concentrate on seeking <target> with the principle within mote <#>

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