Warg (Empathic Bond)

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Bonding Requirements

As is fairly obvious from the bond failure message, some amount of Courage and/or Lack of Weakness are required; certainly less than 100 for each.

You sense that the dark brown female warg barbarian gladiator feels some sort of lingering fear
or weakness within you and, disturbingly, is more inclined to attack you than to bond with you.

General Info

Wargs are brutal, massive canines that can be found in the cold wastes of Gardagh as well as other places (notably Togrek). They also can be found in orc/goblin raiding parties if you want a wider spectrum of available colors. They are large enough to be ridden and are ferocious fighters, attacking with claws and teeth. They breathe air, have a carnivorous diet, and can see in the dark.

Attribute Modifications

The warg familiar grants its consort a very large bonus to Vitality, and large bonuses to Strength, Perception and Agility. Also a small bonus to Intellect.

Specialty Bonuses

Bonus specialty degrees and access are provided as follows:

Tier 1

Tier 2

Towards the end of "very frail" bond strength:

Tier 3

At "fairly healthy" bond strength:

Tier 3

Towards the end of "fairly healthy" bond strength:

At "Very Healthy"

Tier 1 skills get a +1 Bonus

Midway in "Very Healthy"

At "Resilient"

Tier 2 skills get a +1 Bonus


Initially the warg grants the following charms:

Shortly after, but still during very frail:

Midway in "Very Healthy"

At "Resilient"

Additional Bonuses and Powers

Traits granted

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