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  • Location: 1 south from 1, -1, 0 in Sounion, in a epilepsy-inducing store with pretty colors.
  • Occupation: Snazzy POEE/ELF Slaan shopkeeper extraordinaire.
  • Look

Every now and then, a twitch will ripple across his blue-spotted black skin, causing the spots to change location and pattern, resulting in an ever changing design. Neither one of his prismatic eyes seem to focus on anything, or at least each one pivots and rotates completely independent of the other, making it very difficult to determine what he is actually looking at. He has a webwork of sparkling light within and around him. He seems to have a certain inner light to him, an Illumination. He is giving off light. He looks about sixteen and a half dimins tall, four and eleven twentieths dimins wide, and one and three twentieths dimins front to back. He is in good shape.

  • Info

For a fee, one may purchase an illumination or a rift by asking Weteder to 'illuminate me' or 'rift'.

  • Notes
    • His store sells all sorts of discordian/chaotic friendly stuff, his stock is fittingly random, and he tends to have things useful to at least some sort of chaotic individual, whether spiritually or magickally or even just distracted by pretty colors. He also apparently imports stuff from Quezip.
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