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Your time as the Whisper has afforded you knowledge of the potential to form a psycholeptetic connection with Hanoma, a psychic whorl that allows the transmission of strange and dangerous psychic martial prowess directly from the island into your psyche.

Aligned magicks allow the mimicry of this connection indirectly, through the manipulation of Hanoman physics and the island's past acceptance of you as the Whisper. This form only approximates the potency of the connection granted to the Whisper; as such, if one becomes the Whisper again, it is best to shut down this mock whorl and use the one granted by that office. It is also more taxing than the non-eideturgic whorl, requiring ordered energy as well as spiritual energy to maintain.

Nevertheless, it is still immensely useful. It is one of the few known ways of (albeit indirectly) affording oneself of psionic esoteric pathways through magickal means, and even in attenuated form, the psychic maneuvers are quite potent.

To disable the eideturgic whorl capacitor, execute the same procedure used to actualize it.

Knowledge Requirement

have been the Whisper of Hanoma

Form Type


Facility Range

204 to 550

Facility Formula

20% of intellect plus 5% of ego plus 20% of lexiturgy skill plus 5% of enchantment skill plus 55% of physics skill plus 5% of psycholeptesis skill

Energy Costs

100 points of order energy

Process to Actualize Form

visualize myself as a capacitor in a psychic circuit with Hanoma

Development Information  : This form was created by Twilight; the source code was last updated Sun Mar 20 15:20:41 2011.

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