Whisper of Hanoma

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"You may have heard stories of the Whisper? The one who wanders the world avenging slain Hanomans. The stories are true. Do those stories... interest you?"

To join the office you need to approach Ei and ask her about her days at the "sunken dojo".

She'll say something to the affect of Hanoma being protected by a "whorl", ask her about it.

Then she'll mention the "whisper", ask her about it, if you have the required skills, you're in.

Be careful, anyone that has commited violence against Hanoma will be auto-attacked if in the same room.

Currently Twilight has given the following hint: If you were to try to learn about the office without help from devs, you would need a char with a politics skill of 85 or higher

Say whipser to Ei
Ei looks you over appraisingly.
Ei touches her forehead.
A tiny mote of sparkling midnight blue light drifts from Ei's forehead, spirals around you, and then vanishes into the air.
You feel Hanoma reach out to your psyche, teaching and urging you to reach back, to close some sort of psychic circuit or loop.
Ei says, ->) You seem capable enough.  We'll see how you like it.  To establish a psychic whorl with Hanoma, concentrate on doing 
so.  To close your psychic whorl with Hanoma once, concentrate on closing it.  Though I wouldn't recommend doing that.  You never   
know what kind of trouble you might find. (<- in Kyotsugo.
You feel energy flowing into the ajna chakra on your forehead.
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