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Command: Wield

   General-Use Command
   Usage: wield <weapon> [with <hand>] [two-handed][!]

This will cause you to wield the designated weapon in combat. You can wield as many weapons as you have hands (assuming one-handed weapons), though restrictions may apply to what weapons you can use together.

Some advice: if you have two longswords, try "wield longsword" and "wield longsword 2" when wielding one in each hand. See 'help specifying targets' for more information.

With single-handed weapons, you may add "with <hand>" to the command to specify which hand you would like to use; for example, "wield mace with left hand".

The syntax 'wield <weapon> two-handed' can be used in order to use two hands on a weapon that you could wield one-handed. This improves the leverage you can bring to bear on the weapon. The weapon must be large enough to effectively grip with both hands in order to do this.

Normally, only items designed as weapons or tools will be wielded. You can, however, give your command as an override by adding a ! to the end, which will allow you to wield nearly any object you can carry as an improvised weapon.

   Examples: wield sword
             wield sword 2
             wield dagger with left hand
             wield bastard sword two-handed
             wield helmet!

Development Information: The wield command was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Wed Feb 14 07:47:41 2007.

See Also: sheathe, wear, remove, specifying targets, weapons, ambidexterity

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