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This form is apparently related to the great Hanoman warrior-painter Kensu. It is not known whether he was one of the Aligned. What is known is a famous painting of his serves as the groundwork for this form -- and that the form is also related to his combat philosophy. The painting is of a great blue heron sailing above a quiet lake; Kensu's combat philosophy was to treat the sword like it was a wing, applying the same principles of elegance, turning, and even lift and drag. This form manifests a katana out of the wingspan of the heron. The closer to perfection one gets in one's visualization of its base and the actualization of the magick, the closer the katana will get to perfection. Some Aligned who master this form swear by this weapon, claiming it sharp beyond what any mortal smith could construct. Others use it when needed, but still carry a normal blade, seeing the non-magickal blades it as a worthwhile piece of artisanship in its own right, and even a focus for further magicks. Regardless of exactly how heavily one relies on the blade conjured by this form, there can be no doubt about the worthiness of the manifestation in skilled hands.

Like all Aligned weapon manifestations, it will last either until banished, until one no longer has the order energy to maintain it, or until one disincarnates. To banish a blade, concentrate on returning the form within it to a potential state.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 100 points among

10% of weapon lore skill, 50% of sword skill and 100% of painting skill

Facility Formula

15% of ego plus 15% of intellect plus 22.5% of having the lexiturgy skill plus 35% of having the painting skill plus 5% of having the conjuration skill plus 5% of having the enchantment skill plus 35% of having the weapon lore skill

Facility Rating

0 to 350

Energy Costs

100 spiritual and 6 order

Process to Actualize

visualize a blue heron, wings spread in flight over a still lake

Combat Maneuvers

in order of progression; only while wielding the weapon AND being Aligned

  • Gliding Slash - Perform a sweeping horizontal slash with a katana, designed to get beneath the opponant's defenses and knock them off balance.
  • Falling Thrust - Perform a downward stab with the katana, following the curve of its blade. This maneuver is very effective at puncturing heavy armour. (~30%)
  • Quill - Channels the power of the wind -- the power that underwrites the feathers of the heron's flight -- through a katana and into one's opponent. (45%)
  • Splash - Channels the power of water -- the power that yields to the heron's dive and beak -- through a katana and into one's opponent.
  • Nest - Channels the power of the earth -- the power that comprises and protects the heron's home -- through a katana and into one's opponent.
  • Sunrise - Channels the power of the sun -- the power that every morning spurs the heron to wake -- through a katana and into one's opponent. (90%)
100% Perfection: Exquisite Craftsmanship (No Unearthly) Damage 18.24; Penetration 9.95 (not horrible but also not very exciting)
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