Wyvern (Empathic Bond)

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More than 100 lack of weakness Confirmation-=-Insomniac. 10-13-12... 5:18 AM.

Known Abilities

Attribute Modifiers

Those who form an empathic bond with a wyvern receive bonuses to their Strength, Vitality, Agility, and Perception.

Specialty Bonuses






Initially on bonding:

Shortly after:

Towards the end of very frail

Additional Abilities

   You sense a strange resonance between you and Malum, followed immediately
  by you feeling something pushing out of the lower back of your chest.
   A strong-looking scaley white tail grows out of your lower back in a
   slithering motion.

This is exactly as it seems. At some point in a fairly healthy bond, you grow a tail which does not have a stinger, but might obtain one in the future.

The tail works for tailslap. When it grows a barb, it adds two more attacks using the barb.

Suspected Abilities

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