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Yfunelunsth Strunthlg

Summary: weak-spectrum sensory array
Plural: Fyunedlunsth
Vorgaal: thirty-two
Typical Fungmrul: moderate
Required to Know: have at least 60 points among physics skill and mathematics skill
Required to Flgathl: have at least 120 points among physics skill and mathematics skill
Maximum Flgathu Formula: one plus 0.3% of metamorphosis skill plus 0.2% of anatomy skill plus 0.5% of physics skill plus 0.5% of mathematics skill
Capabilities Affected: awareness
Efficacy Formula: one plus 10% of physics skill plus 10% of mathematics skill
Fl-n'gathl From: hngaug
Flgath Restrictions: only one yfunelunsth can be ng'flgath from a given hngaug

A yfunelunsth is a fleshy comb-shaped sensory organ that runs the length of a hngaug; it is sensitive to vanishingly small intensities of radiance in a wide variety of spectra that are invisible to the eyes of most ghaa'ghu races, providing a sense mostly equivalent to vision that functions in any degree of darkness.

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