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  ___    [ = Yisaa = ]
     \     [ Type                    : ] enhancement
    -|     [ Description             : ] smithing
_____|     [ Significance            : ] moderate
\          [ Activation Spirit Cost  : ] none
 \____     [ Maintenance Spirit Cost : ] one every one minute and thirty seconds to two minutes and thirty seconds
           [ Control Skills          : ] three parts power tuning,
                                         two parts armour lore, two parts metallurgy, two parts power direction,
                                         two parts power focusing, two parts smithing, two parts weapon lore,
                                     and one part power generation
           [ Specialty Access        : ] armour lore, metallurgy, smithing, and weapon lore degree II access
           [ Requirements to Know    : ] have at least 40 points among
                                         30% of rune lore skill,
                                         100% of smithing skill,
                                         100% of metallurgy skill,
                                         20% of armour lore skill,
                                     and 20% of weapon lore skill

The presence of the rune yisaa on one's Ring of Power enhances the wearer's skills in smithing, metallurgy, armour lore, and weapon lore, drawing on a fraction of the lore of Lord Ahrikol himself which he has encoded into the One Ring. The greater one's own abilities in these areas, the greater the knowledge one may draw.

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