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  |                                   Zaknas                                    |
  |                            You are a Verynvelyr.                            |
  |                          You are a Questor of Axa.                          |
  |                    You are one of Minerva's Haruspices.                     |
  |           You are attuned to the structure of reality via Hanoma.           |
  >------------------------\ /-----------------------\ /------------------------<
                            V                         V

A male duergar with sometimes dazzling glowing red eyes. Overloaded with orderly associations and worships Athena, Mithras, Torm, and Axa.


  This is a female cat with dark gray fur and hazel eyes.  She seems more gregarious and bright than most cats.
  Her eyes take in her surroundings with a piercing, even analytical gaze. Her left forepaw and right hindpaw
  are each marked by a scar.  
   She looks about five and nineteen twentieths dimins long, one and a half dimins wide, and three dimins tall.  

An all-psychic feline, possesses every psionic talent. Happens to be pretty damn good at unarmed combat and an unearthly tactician.

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