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Your thirst for achievement has afforded you knowledge of this form, which in one way complements that thirst, and in another is its opposite. The great dragon Zrael realized -- at some point in the past or future -- that any moment can contain any other, either as its effect, however distance, or cause, however remote. This insight offered her a way to transgress time and acquire tremendous knowledge. Actualizing this form allows you to share in her insight and her knowledge. It requires a fragment of Zrael's essence as a seed. Learn what you can quickly, for this alignment is at best tenous -- and learn carefully, for it is fragile.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 400 points among

completed quest points
plus 25 points for being familiar with Zrael

Facility Formula

17.5% of ego plus 17.5% of intellect plus 22.5% of chronophrasty skill plus 22.5% of lexiturgy skill plus 5% of legend lore skill plus 5% of history skill plus 5% of scholarship skill plus 15% of summoning skill plus 15% of conjuration skill

Facility Rating

204 to 550

Energy Costs

600 spiritual and 200 order

Process to Actualize

think about the present as containing all past achievements and promising all future ones

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