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-Several wild talents convey basic telepathic faculties; the abilities granted by such faculties are collected here.+Several [[Wild Talents|wild talents]] convey basic telepathic faculties; the abilities granted by such faculties are collected here.
= Commands = = Commands =

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Several wild talents convey basic telepathic faculties; the abilities granted by such faculties are collected here.



Review Contacts

Detect Contacts

  • Command: concentrate on examining myself for psychic contacts
  • Effect: Attempt to become aware of stealthy psychic contacts
  • Facility:

Activate Contact

  • Command: concentrate on my [foreign] psychic contact with <target>
  • Effect: Selects a psychic contact as your active contact, preferring outbound contacts if both inbound and outbound exist
  • Facility:

Check Contact

Close Contact

Resist Contact

  • Command: concentrate on defending myself from [hostile|neutral] psychic contact
  • Effect: Attempt to find and close a hostile or neutral contact that is not the active contact
  • Facility:

Initiate Contact

  • Command: concentrate on establishing a [stealthy|blatant] (friendly|neutral|hostile) psychic contact with <target>
  • Effect: Attempt to create a psychic contact with a target in the same room
  • Facility:

Help File

  All telepaths have the ability to perform a number of basic operations
concerned with managing psychic contacts, as well as the ability to create 
and maintain contacts with nearby minds.
  Psychic contacts have a demeanor, which may be friendly, neutral, or hostile.
A friendly contact is easiest to establish and least likely to trigger psychic
defenses, but cannot be employed for any but the most innocuous of purposes.
Neutral contacts can be used for a greater variety of agendas, but are slightly
harder to establish.  Hostile contacts are the most difficult to establish, but
can generally be used for any purpose, and are the hardest for the recipient or
others to close down.
  Contacts also have a posture, which may be blatant, stealthy, or neither.  A
blatant contact is easier to establish but is also easily detectable by the
target, other telepaths, and psychic defenses.  A stealthy contact tries to
hide from the target and telepaths, and may be able to bypass some psychic
defenses, but is harder to achieve.  Note that a friendly contact, by its
nature, will never be hidden from the subject, but by being stealthy it may
evade detection by other parties.
  Your facility in establishing psychic contacts is determined by your
ego, intelligence, willpower, perception, and skill in telepathy, while
your ability to seek out a mind at a distance is a matter of perception,
intelligence, willpower, and skill at metasenses and telepathy.
  First, you can review psychic contacts of which you are aware.  This is a
simple matter, but if it is made difficult for some reason, your ability at it
is a matter of your intelligence, perception, and telepathy skill.  To do this,
think about your psychic contacts.
  Second, you can scan your psyche for contacts.  This allows you to conduct a
psychic probe of your own mind in order to reveal contacts previously unknown
to you, as well as reviewing those already perceived.  Your ability at this is
determined by your perception, intelligence, willpower, and telepathy skill.
To perform this operation, concentrate on examining yourself for psychic
  Third, you can select a contact to make "active" for purposes of other
psychic effects, such as the ability to close contacts described below.  Your
ability here is a matter of your intelligence, willpower, and telepathy skill.
To do this, concentrate on the contact itself; for instance, if you had a
psychic contact with someone named Jack, you would concentrate on your psychic
contact with Jack to make it your "active" contact.  If contacts both from you
to Jack and from Jack to you are present, normally you will select the one
from you to Jack; if you wish to select the other contact, concentrate on your
foreign psychic contact with Jack.
  Fourth, you can review the state of your active contact.  This is a trivial
operation, but if there should be some problem with it, your performance will
depend on your intelligence, willpower, perception, and telepathy skill.  To
do this, think about your psychic contact.
  Fifth, you can attempt to close down your active contact.  This should always
be successful in the case of contacts you are maintaining with others, barring
exceptional circumstances; contacts maintained by others, especially hostile
contacts, may be difficult to close down.  Your facility with this operation is
determined by your intelligence, willpower, perception, and telepathy skill.
To perform it, concentrate on closing your psychic contact.
  Sixth, you can defend yourself from foreign psychic contacts.  This is
really nothing more than examining yourself for psychic contacts followed by
attempting to close down those which may be threatening; in essence, combining
several of the operations described above into a single psychic defensive
maneuver.  Your level of ability with each stage of this process is the same
as described above for that stage.  To do this, concentrate on defending
yourself from psychic contact; you will scan yourself for psychic contacts and
shut down the first neutral or hostile foreign contact you find.  Alternately,
you may concentrate on defending yourself from neutral psychic contact or
concentrate on defending yourself from hostile psychic contact if you wish to
work on only one type of possibly threatening contact.  Note that this will not
change your current active contact.
  Lastly, you can attempt to initiate a psychic contact with a nearby mind.
To establish a contact with someone nearby, concentrate on establishing the
type of psychic contact you wish with your target.  For instance, to establish
a neutral contact with a man named Michael nearby, without being either blatant
or stealthy, you would concentrate on establishing a neutral psychic contact
with Michael.
  The difficulty of establishing a telepathic contact is primarily determined
by the basic similarity of your mind to the subject's.  A mind which is very
much like yours is relatively easy to bring yourself into contact with, while
the experience of contacting an alien mind can be disturbing, even hazardous
to the inexperienced telepath.  In addition to basic similarity, the process
of contact is significantly aided by familiarity with the specific mind in
question.  The most effective familiarity is that of previous psychic contact,
the next most effective being the sharing of an intimate bond, with various
kinds of social familiarity and other contact coming in a distant third.  The
less skilled telepath does well to practice establishing contact with those he
knows well before attempting more difficult interactions.
  Telepathic contacts, once established, need to be maintained, which requires
a small amount of your attention and some psychic energy.  The more difficult
the contact, the more energy it will require to maintain and the more likely
it will be for your attention to slip, losing the contact.  Maintaining more
than one telepathic contact at a time is difficult for basic telepaths; the
division of attention means, in effect, that establishing and maintaining each
contact is harder than it would be otherwise, affecting all issues that contact
difficulty normally informs.


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