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The Ghaunadauri are drow who follow the true worship of Ghaunadaur, having in their hearts the drive to sacrifice themselves to the Great One. The great temple of the city of Yathryn is devoted to Ghaunadaur, and his faithful are welcomed there.

Ghaunadauri have a communication channel accessed using the commands 'ghaunadauri' and 'assoc'.


Find Ralgor within the temple to Ghaunadaur in Yathryn and say "I desire to sacrifice myself to Ghaunadaur"

You assert, | I desire to sacrifice myself to Ghaunadaur | in Zadjalin.
You are now a first-degree specialist in pain tolerance and theology.
Ralgor faces toward you for a long moment.
You feel a sense of terrible knowledge flowing into you, and the drive to sacrifice yourself to Ghaunadaur swells within your heart.

I think you have to be a race that Ghaunadaur cares for. As a faerie, I got the response:

 Ralgor asserts, [| Ghaunadaur cares not for those such as you, Liray. |] to you in Zadjalin.

Ralnos notes: It's a Drow-only association.

You cannot specialize in ownership:

 Ralgor asserts, [| You specialize in ownership, which is forbidden to Ghaunadaurus. |] to you.

Once you have joined the Ghaunadauri, Ralgor, the high priest of Ghaunadaur provide some training.

Guild Restrictions:

  Ralgor asserts, [| You cannot join the Ghaunadauri because you are a hedonist. |] to you in Zadjalin. -- Cannot join as a member of the Coven


Anatomy               +2
Concentration         +2
Hardiness             +2
Law                   +2
Livestock Breeding    +2
Meditation            +2
Pain Tolerance     1  +3
Politics              +2
Theology           1  +3
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