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Command: Go

   General-Use Command
   Usage: go to <location>

This command allows you to automatically navigate to major locations, mostly within settlements. First you must be familiar with the location; to achieve this, go there and type "look". Only certain locations enable this ability, but if you are in one of them, it will tell you that you have become familiar with the location. This is tracked through your normal memory; refer to "help memorize" for more information. You can memorize locations you have become familiar with.

To then go to that location, you must be in the same general area and type, for example, "go to Baldwin Amphegere's general store".

If all circumstances are in order, you will automatically walk, run, fly, or hobble at your fastest available speed to your destination. If your Detailed Rooms depiction is on, it will be turned off while you are travelling.

Development Information: The go command was created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Tue Sep 11 17:11:59 2007.

See Also: switch depiction

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