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Hunger and Thirst

The vast majority of living creatures operate through a process called metabolism, in which raw materials are brought in from outside the body and processed to provide energy and substance. These raw materials are referred to as food and drink. When a living thing is not receiving enough food, it is said to be hungry; when it is not receiving enough drink, it is said to be thirsty.

Species vary in the types of material they can metabolize. Known dietary types include:

  • Omnivore Can consume all manner of meats and vegetation
  • Herbivore Can only consume vegetable matter
  • Carnivore Can only consume animal matter
  • Scavenger Can only consume corpses, and can eat even decaying flesh
  • Frugivore Can only consume fruits
  • Fungivore Can only consume fungus
  • Lithovore Can only consume rocks
  • Photovore Is sustained by sunlight
  • Vegetarian An omnivore who prefers to eat only vegetables, and will only eat meat if very hungry

An atman's incarnation in the world of Lost Souls becomes hungry and thirsty just like a normal member of its race. Its current status with respect to these factors can be viewed using the 'character' command. When hunger and thirst begin to take their toll, this will manifest as diminished physical and spiritual energy and vitality.

The rate at which a being becomes hungry and thirsty varies greatly based on various factors. Body mass is the first and most important consideration; large creatures require commensurately more sustenance than small ones. Overall metabolic speed is also very significant; hasting and slowing effects, whether natural or imposed, increase or decrease the rate at which hunger and thirst progress. Resting and meditating slow metabolism significantly as well.

There are creatures which constitute exceptions to the principles of metabolism, beings who are not sustained by the same forces as mundane life; the nyloc race is one example of this. Various magicks can endow a living thing with these properties, as well. Such beings are said to be ametabolic, and while they have no need to eat or drink, they also cannot gain the normal restorative benefits which accrue to normal folk upon eating and drinking.

The 'show' command can be used to display your current level of hunger and thirst with 'show hunger' and 'show thirst'; see 'help show'.

Report Hunger
Usage: report hunger
Shows how hungry you are.
See Also: show hunger

Show Hunger
Usage: show hunger
Shows how hungry you are.
See Also: report hunger
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