Khu vs Vultan Round 1

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>c at vultan

   You vanish in a circular aura of golden light.

   You suddenly appear on the other side of Vultan.

   Your Kazarithax pulses with golden energy and leaves dark red afterimages trailing behind it.

   One of the small golden globes on your sphere of translucent scarlet energy stops in place, sending a pulsing ripple of of sparkling golden 
   light that momentarily covers its entire surface.

   The small golden globe on your sphere of translucent scarlet energy vanishes in a ripple of glowing radiance.

   You brutally thrust your Kazarithax into Vultan and mutilate her head, despite her attempt to parry it with her Kazarithax.

   Vultan's gold diamond earring is ripped from her head.

   Vultan's head is sliced off.

   Vultan loses her gold diamond earring with her head.

   Vultan's small bright red mithril amulet of storms is torn from her.
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