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Playable Races

  1. Psicat
  2. Kraken
  3. Patryn & Sartan
  4. Race based on Sentient Golem-like creations. Justification-Humans (and I imagine other races) are inquisitive by nature, and in a world with magick, gods, Elder Gods, and magickal interactions of all kinds, seems reasonable somone would attempt to grant sentience to such a creation, or at least by accident.

Wild Talents

  1. Wild talent that allows you to project psionic lightning from your hands/claws (Perhaps requiring mindblaster and stormlord talents first before it can be unlocked?) (status: will probably implement)
  2. Lifter talent. Picks up stuff similar to bez field. Allows for greater inventory without encumberance. Psicats could have orbiting balls of yarn.


  1. Glowing golden as a lightbringer color option
  2. Means of leaving otherwise unleavable affiliations
  3. Ability to redo characters that started with lux-exclusive races so one can correct fuckups without having to spend another massive amount of lux
  4. More flexible refunding involving a grace period in which refunds are full price, although some way to prevent abusing said feature would probably need to exist.
  5. Extra incarnos slots!
  6. Allow an incarnos to be removed from a no-strip guild
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