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  • Primary use: Receptive communication (perceiving speech without ears, and at a distance)
  • Combat talent: Slightly (combat mindreading)
  • Reveals by:
    • Being spoken to



This is an advanced telepathic talent, so both the basic and advanced telepathic commands are available in addition to those listed below.

Surface Mindreading

  • Command: concentrate on surface mindreading
  • Requirement: Have the target as your active telepathic contact
  • Effect: Detect linguistic thoughts, such as "subvocalize" or "say"
  • Facility:

Deep Mindreading

  • Command: concentrate on deep mindreading
  • Requirement: Have the target as your active telepathic contact, with a "hostile" or "neutral" demeanor
  • Effect: Detect linguistic thoughts, such as "subvocalize" or "say"; perform combat mindreading
  • Facility:

Reveal Messages

Any of these reveal messages will be followed by:

You realize that your latent psychic wild talent is that of a mindreader.


You realize that one of your latent psychic wild talents is that of a mindreader.

Being spoken to

Feeling a strange stirring in your mind, you somehow sense the words thei
olive-skinned female human is about to speak!  Echoing in your mind, outside of
any language, comes "I'm sorry, svirfneblin, but I don't understand you.".

Help File

  A mindreader has the ability to monitor the thoughts of others.  This ability
has applications both subtle and gross; invaluable for gathering information
and surveillance, it is also noted that it can be difficult to land a blow on
someone in combat when they know every move you are going to try as soon as you
  You have the use of a range of telepathic faculties; 'help basic telepathy'
and 'help advanced telepathy' detail these.  In order to perform mindreading,
you must have a telepathic contact established as described in 'help advanced
  There are two separate kinds of mindreading you can perform: surface and deep
reading.  When engaging in surface reading, you only perceive what the subject
subvocalizes; surface reading can take place through any kind of contact, and
is relatively easy to do.  Deep reading reveals much more of the subject's
thought processes, but can only take place through a neutral or hostile contact
(the latter affording more effective information gathering).  Only deep reading
is of immediate benefit in a combat situation.  Deep reading is harder and more
draining to perform than surface reading.  In general, the same factors which
affect the difficulty of establishing telepathic contacts also affect the
difficulty of mindreading.
  Your mindreading ability is determined by your perception, intelligence,
willpower, and telepathy skill.
  In order to use a telepathic contact for mindreading, first it must be your
active contact as described in 'help basic telepathy'.  With an active contact
selected, concentrate on surface mindreading or deep mindreading to perform the
appropriate operation; concentrate on ceasing to mindread to stop mindreading
on your active contact.  Once you have begun reading thoughts over a contact,
you will continue to do so even while that contact is no longer your active
contact; in this way you can monitor several people's thoughts simultaneously,
but take care that the flow of information does not become overwhelming.
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