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(She teaches vitamancy instead of caromancy and also price changes and she shrives now.)
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-* '''Location''': [[Temple of Gaia]] just outside east gate of [[Devonshire]]+* '''Location''': [[Temple of Gaia]] north out of [[Devonshire]]
* '''Occupation''': Priestess of [[Gaia]] * '''Occupation''': Priestess of [[Gaia]]
* '''Look''' * '''Look'''

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  A slender, willowy drow woman gazes around out of half-lidded ruby eyes.  Her face is delicate, 
  her eyes spaced wide apart.  She has high cheekbones and a small chin, making her seem vaguely 
  feline.  Thick white hair is held away from her face by an ornate hair clasp with a leaf and 
  vine motif, while the rest of her hair cascades down her back nearly touching her ankles.  She 
  appears to be a rarity in this town, being a drow.  No animosity or ill will is shown her for her 
  race, as she has proven herself a true follower of Gaia.
  • Info
  Phyrra is an instructor and responds to the following verbal commands:
     Availability inquiry: Phyrra, what do you teach?
     Cost inquiry:         Phyrra, what would a lesson in <subject> cost?
     Instruction request:  Phyrra, please teach me <subject(s)>.
  • Trains
  first aid
  legend lore
  • Business Sign

The writing is in Anglic, and reads:

  Service             Cost   Description
  Shrive              25     For purification of the spirit.
  Minor healing       50     For when you're slightly injured.
  Lesser healing      100    For when you're less severely injured.
  Neutralize poison   500    To cure you of poison.
  Major healing       1000   For serious wounds.
  Cure disease        3000   To cleanse you.
  Cure blindness      4000   For when you need to see.
  Remove curse        5000   This removes most curses.
  Greater healing     10000  Used on critical injuries.
  Great healing       30000  Apply this to the most lethal wounds.
  • Notes
    • Just type 'buy <service>' for a service.
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