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I created this entry with the intent of having a page where new ideas and proposals can be viewed by one and all, and commented upon accordingly. Sometimes some of us may think we have an awesome idea, only to find out it is either already implemented or we are the only one aware of the awesomeness. Other times, the community as a whole rather agrees with the notions.

As such, my first proposal is to add a Forum to the web site. I am not sure how much work that would be, or if it would be any different than what I am trying to do here, so I figured I would ask and get the feedback from more web-savvy and code-savvy individuals. Or if someone has a better way of handling what I am trying to do, please inform me of such. --Bladestorm 13:22, 28 March 2008 (EDT)

The second request is purely cosmetic but would be a fun thing for followers. The dragon that Eris was so kind to gift me is great, but she is always telling me that I may go since she is not hungry. I would love to be able to modify or add to the strings she says. I make her laugh at my jokes already, so having a piece of code tell people that "Quell is the nicest Fomor I've met" would be yet another twisted and vaguely sad way to boost my self image. Being able to change a followers default behavior or sayings would help further personalize them and help people care about their virtual pets. Just some thoughts! Lanos 6/1/09

Need moar dungeon/ruin/small town areas to explore and make the world map not seem so barren. Heck, if none of the current devs are up for doing more of these, I'll build some. --Esmene 20:19, 20 July 2010 (EDT)

Add buffalo, elk and deer as bondable animals -- User:chriswittig Nov. 20, 2017

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