Smilodon (Empathic Bond)

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Bonding Requirements

Some amount of courage is required, as is obvious from the bond failure message:

You sense that the saber-toothed dull orange tiger feels you to be too cowardly to share a
bond with.

Known Abilities

The smilodon, found in the cold wastes of the Northlands, is very physically powerful, and has significant resistance to mundane damage, which improves as the familiar gains experience. They are very large, sometimes over 30 dimins in length, and have immense claws and a powerful bite. They have some degree of night vision, breathe air and have a carnivorous diet. They make excellent, if unorthodox, mounts.

Attribute Modifications

The smilodon grants its consort a very large bonus to strength (augmented by the Muladhara chakra even further), large bonuses to vitality and willpower, and a moderate bonus to agility.

Muladhara Chakra

A smilodon familiar automatically grants and charges the Muladhara (red) chakra, which grants bonuses to strength, massive exertion, massive blow and brawling. It also confers a large amount of the Thanatogalvanism trait, so it can be a mixed blessing.

Petting the familiar

You pet Gnash with your right claw.
You sense mighty energies flowing from Gnash's body into your spirit.

This provides a temporary boost to several skills, including crushing resistance, cutting resistance, piercing resistance, armour use, and possibly others.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Armour Use 16 38 + 5% base
Crushing Resistance 16 38 + 5% base
Cutting Resistance 16 38 + 5% base
Mounted Combat 16 38 + 5% base
Piercing Resistance 16 38 + 5% base
Courage 12 30
Load Bearing 12 30
Massive Blow 12 30
Massive Exertion 12 30
Pain Tolerance 12 30
Pole Arm 12 30
Sword 12 30
Mountaineering 8 20
Riding 8 20
Stealth 6 15
Hardiness 4 10
Stamina 4 10


Initially the smilodon grants the following charms:

Shortly after:

Additional Bonuses and Powers

Traits granted

The consort gains Thanatogalvanism with the Muladhara chakra, which rises to 10 at 'deep' bond strength.

Fey Bond Info

The following Charms and Abilities are granted by a Complete Bond. Note that all Fey Bonds are significantly weaker than their counterparts (VV/Zet/etc), so do not expect to get Spec Bonuses, any significant Attribute Mods or higher level Charms/Abilities.


  • Attribute Modifications - Low like all Fey Bonds (7 Strength, 5 Vitality, 2 Agility/Willpower/Ego)
  • Muladhara (red) chakra
  • Petting the Familiar - Grants small bonuses to all Spec 3 Access Skills


Spec Access:

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