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Joining Stormwalkers

You should learn the culture at stormrock by lensing some of its inhabitants before trying to join.

Mor'guth quietly rumbles, [>If you are to become a Storm Walker, zuth, not only must your bravery be tested, but you must achieve insight into the mysteries of the lightning. Travel to the plane of Lakan, where eternal lightnings rage even more fiercely than upon Storm Rock. Find the great edifice there and contemplate its nature until you have gained insight. Then return and make your request once more.<] to you in Xhax.

The Storm Walkers are zuth who have become initiates of the power of the lightning, taking its essence into themselves. They are led by ancient Mor'guth.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

In order to use any of their abilities, the Storm Walker must absorb electrical energy from their surroundings, using the command "concentrate on drawing electrical energy from the area around me into myself". Once infused with such energy, the Storm Walker can expend it in one of two ways: infusing one's own body with electricity by using the command "will the power of the storm to infuse my body", or infusing one's weapons by using the command "will the power of the storm to infuse my weapons". Only weapons specifically enchanted to channel the power of the storm can be infused in this manner.

Lastly, Storm Walkers may communicate amongst themselves by passing messages through electrical pulses at a shared resonant frequency. Such messages may be sent using the commands 'stormwalker' and 'assoc'.

The Storm Walkers have a communication channel accessed using the commands 'stormwalker' and 'assoc'.

   You are now a first-degree specialist in axe, combat reflexes, eructation, hardiness, intimidation,
   killer instinct, massive blow and massive exertion.
   You are now a second-degree specialist in lightning affinity.

This *seems* to give the follow access: 2 axe, 1 quickness, 2 eructation, 2 hardiness, 2 intimidation, 2 killer instinct, 2 massive blow, 2 massive exertion, and 2 combat reflexes. It also grants two nifty lightning axes.

The absorbtion of lightning energy into oneself can only be performed in lightning-related places, a.k.a. Storm Rock and Lakan.

All enhancing abilities draw on lightning energy, the capacity for which can be increased by gaining skill in lightning affinity, naturally enough.

The infusion of one's body with lightning energy grants increased speed based on one's lightning affinity. Costs ~25 lightning energy.

The infusion of one's weapons with lightning energy makes them do lightning damage in addition to other damage types.

End of spoiler information.


Mor'guth quietly rumbles, [>As a Frater Zephyrius Mutatoris, you could not become a warrior by joining the Storm Walkers.<] to you.

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