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Command: Sysreport

   Incarnos-Only Command
   No specific help is available for this command.
   Development Information: The sysreport command (/def/command/sysreport) was created by Calis; the source code was last updated Tue Oct 14 14:52:28 2008.

This is a very useful command, in that it allows players to participate in ensuring the top standards of quality that the denizens of Lost Souls have come to expect.

Player version

Usage: sysreport [ bug

Sometimes in the course of normal play, something inexplicably bad can go wrong.

>wear ring
Error: Cannot find element in /usr/***** (/usr/atman/*****) using spec <mapping[2x1]: ([ 4 : 3, 6 : <array[1]: ({ <array[1]: ({ 1 })> })> ])>

This obviously looks wrong to a player, and most players may not understand most of what is being shown to them. Sometimes it can be accompanied by HEARTBEAT_FAILED. When this happens, you can make use of the 'sysreport bug' command, and in most cases, it has already stored a log of the error. During the process of reporting a bug, you will be asked several question--please answer these to the best of your abilities, since may facilitate easier troubleshooting.

You can also use the 'sysreport idea' command when you come up with a fabulous idea about what can be added to the game to make it a more entertaining place to play.

The 'sysreport typo' is pretty much as advertised. It allows you to point out typos that a coder may have missed. Please note that some thing entered into sysreport typo may be shot down immediately, since it is not considered a typo. An example of this would be for 'armour'. Many alternative spellings exist throughout the realms of Lost Souls, so please do not attempt to 'typo' them because some mundane grammar book insists that it should be spelled differently. Something like "the red and yelolw flowers}" or "rising majestically over teh surrounding", or "just taller then three apples tall" would be viable typos to report.

Developer version

Usage: sysreport [ bug
               list [ bugs | ideas | typos ]
               view [ bug <#> [ long ] | idea <#> | typo <#> ]
               fix [ bug <#> | idea <#> | typo <#> ]
               comment [ bug <#> | idea <#> | typo <#> ]
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