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This would be one of those "blah" areas I was talking about to Starhound. Or at least he responded with something that sounded like interest, so that's what I took it for. Looking at the wiki page, no one has bothered to fill in any of the information, and with good reason. There is nothing here. One NPC that is part of an outdated quest that didn't even work until Marcosy stepped in and jiggled the handle.

So the part where I thought Starhound was talking to me was he asked "what would you do to fix it?" 1.) Put it on a 3d map. 2.) Modernize the Trivia quest so that it is easier to update when the lore gets modified. 3.) Jungle herbs for various healing effects 4.) Jungle poisons (colossal scorpion venom, amphiptere venom, tree frog poison) 5.) More to come as I sort out whatever I was trying to say below.

Other things to do to this area, in no particular order. Give them unique stuff, and maybe even a shop to sell them in. The arbitrage system is some hot stuff and whoever came up with that was genius. Highly effective way of getting someone to explore more of the mud. The shop for this area could have local goods, or it could have some of the basic staples that some thieving monkeys took off of some travelers and brought to the storekeeper. You could also expand out the selection of deities for the entire region by adding a temple or two here. There's like one Aztec god mentioned in the 'help gods' file. I don't know how difficult it would be to add new gods, but a quick wiki search gives a list of interesting possibilities. Aztecs, if this place follows that concept, had many forms of medicine which could be added to this place. If this is based on some other jungle civilization, they probably had some very useful herb or salve or something. If the Demonese are a different tribe than what is in Tlaxcala, a quest can be set up either to capture some opposing tribe members for sacrifice, or return captives that the other tribe is getting ready to sacrifice. This same quest can even tie into other blah areas around here, like Talaxia. Then again, the hearts of cowards aren't very nourishing for the gods. Mine should be safe.

Blow guns, atlatls, spears, blow gun darts that do cool things when launched, obsidian weapons, ithyphallic golden idols, healing salves that you rub on your skin, oils of protection from <foo> that you can rub on your skin, demonic hearts trapped in weapon forms, sacrificed virgins trapped into pieces of armour, bloodstone amulets that give the wearer totemic animal powers, jungle fruits, chilled monkey brains, snake surprise. Lots of ideas for this place. Okay, maybe not those last two since that may be a different culture, but whatever. Rant over for now. I will probably think of more stuff the next time I am forced to come to this area to either finish exploring for that last room or two, or another toon has to do the Trivia Quest.

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