The Faerie Fountains

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Aislynn Aislynn
-''(Eithel Exoma presumably changes to [[serentyll]]. Drawbacks and duration unknown.)''+''(Eithel Exoma presumably changes to [[serentyll]]. Sets [[luck]] to -30 for a duration of 6 months.)''
[A mystical repository is found within the aforementioned cabin, touch relevant items to it to donate them. -Xao] [A mystical repository is found within the aforementioned cabin, touch relevant items to it to donate them. -Xao]

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Lunday Alystos 7, 566

This letter is addressed to pixies and friends of the faerie folk:

I have uncovered pieces of artifacts that predate any mortal creature and many immortals. Evidence suggests these fragments immediately postdate the alignment of our cosmos into its current form.

I believe them to be capable of transforming faeries and their relatives into other varieties, some known and some relatively unknown: dryads, naiads, sprites, and so on. Indeed, I believe them to be the origin of these races.

I am undertaking the ambitious project of attempting to restore these artifacts to their original functioning. The enchantments they use, though beyond me, are largely intact, and I believe could be renewed through a proper restoration of the original material and form.

However, these objects are extremely large, and I require assistance gathering their constituent substances. If you'd like to assist, please drop off materials at my cabin in -37, 4 in Gardagh:

-- 10 dekans of coruscar
-- 10 dekans of ruby
-- 1000 dekans of warpstone
-- 2500 dekans of brass
-- 5000 dekans of glass
-- 5000 dekans of mahogany

The following particular items would also assist me:

-- Ng'galgath Fthalg
-- Peacemaker
-- the Eye of Svarog
-- 3 lenses of change
-- 9 xyrikallixai
-- 9 portable holes

These materials and items will enable me to, hopefully, craft the first three fountains. I have set up systems to ensure that items will remain in my cabin, provided they are not disturbed -- some assistance in guarding them would also be appreciated.

Yours, Aislynn


Tyrday Alystos 14 566

Friends and citizens,

I have constructed the Eithel Veryn, which facilitates transformation into dryads. All of these fountains appear to be tied to particular locations, and this one functions in Arborlon, where it will now reside.

I no longer need mahogany, and have used 3 of the xyrikallixai and portables holes for their material, 1 lens of changes for the transformation magicks, and the silima in Peacemaker.

I have learned something about these fountains in reconstructing this one. They all have an associated drawback, which one can learn by touching them as an eligible-to-be-transformed faerie. They carry with them a small chance of permanent but minor attribute degradation as well as the certainty of a long-term but temporary drawback.

In the case of Eithel Veryn, the drawback is that it appears to prevent one from obtaining wingless flight for a month or so after transforming to a dryad.

Yours, Aislynn


Eriday Gettrellyn 5 566


I have completed construction on Eithel Nyor. It is located in the mountains of Calais 21, -35, 4.

I no longer need brass or ruby, and have used the Eye of Svarog, a lens of changes, and 3 more xyrikallixai and portable holes.

One more fountain remains in this set, after which I will begin to search for pieces of additional fountains besides these three, of which there may be half a dozen or more.

Yours, Aislynn

(Eithel Nyor transforms to puck, and has the drawbacks of anhedonia, analgesia, and numbness -- duration unknown.)


Lunday Alystos 1 567

To all the folk of the realm,

After many mishaps and much hardship, the materials for Eithel Exoma have been gathered and assembled. It is located in the Exoma, in a relatively calm pocket, where it can be observed, studied, and used safely.

I am pursuing further research into additional fountains, but until that research is complete, there is no more need for materials.

It has been a pleasure collaborating with so many, and it is truly a blessing to reawaken old fey magicks that will enliven and diversify an entire race of beings.

Your humble servant, Aislynn

(Eithel Exoma presumably changes to serentyll. Sets luck to -30 for a duration of 6 months.)

[A mystical repository is found within the aforementioned cabin, touch relevant items to it to donate them. -Xao]

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