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Trait Category: Sensory
Trait Type: Flag
Overall Possible Natural Values: Yes or No
Individuals with the trait of analgesia do not experience pain, and are referred to as analgetic.  (These are pronounced as with
base words of 'algesia' and 'algetic' with a prefix of 'an-'.)  While this is an advantage in that their functioning cannot be
hampered by extreme pain, there are drawbacks in that it is more difficult for such individuals to know the nature and extent of
their wounds, or sometimes even to realize that they are wounded.  Individuals in a berserk rage become analgetic while the battle
fury lasts, and overall numbness subsumes analgesia.
Development Information: The analgesia trait was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated
Mon Oct 07 13:15:44 2013.
See Also: pain tolerance, combat mode, paraneurism, numbness
  • Possessors are unable to see the specific health of their limbs
  • Complete inability to ascertain the general health (healthy, somewhat hurt, etc.) for their head and any limbs covered.
  • Immune to being stunned via pain or agony
  • Stunnable via pleasure and trauma to the nervous system (head).

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