White Cross of Yehovah

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White Cross of Gaia

"Dark winds swept the land, and the people died.
Lord spare us your anger, save us from loss.
But plague swept the land, and the people all cried.
Lord here our prayer, let it not be denied.
And so the Lord Yehovah, sent the White Cross."



Formed in 555 by the Knights Fasius and Gavadel along with the Green Lantern Donald, the White Cross began to help adventurers and towns against the plague and disease sweeping the land.


Prince Gavadel of Amber
Sir Fasius
Donald of the Green Lantern Corps


  • The protection of adventurers and travellers and their outposts and stops from plague and disease.
  • Healing from wounds and curing.
  • Aide for those new to the adventuring life, an extension and reaffirmation of a Warden's duties.


  • Those of good alignment
  • Followers of Yehovah
  • Active in pursuing of the company's goals.
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