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Gavadel of Amber, meeting an attack on Camelot

"I pulled the trump deck from the drawer and dealt two cards. It's a simple trick, an answer to a specific question. The question was simple: What's the key to the battle for Almeria? The first card was a painting my uncle Brand had made, a shining white tower rising over a city. The card for Avalon, for Camelot. The second card showed a brown-skinned man wearing a frown on his face, mounted on his pegasus. His colors are white and silver and I know this man better than any other in the deck. For this man is myself. Gavadel son of Gerard, Prince of Amber."



Prince Gavadel is the eldest son of Gerard, one-time Regent of Amber and nephew to the current king, Random. Wandering amongst shadows for generations, he came to this one a few years ago, serving as a Justicar. Eventually feeling the hard-core line taken by their leaders wasn't for him, he set himself to trying to find his place. A few months in the wild as a ranger allowed him to clear his head somewhat. It was on the island of Hanoma that he made peace with himself, studying under the masters of those who attune themselves with the island, it's that place that keeps Gavadel from leaving the Prime Plane, as much of his power comes from the visualisation of that island.

The Green Lantern Corps marked his return to civilisation, but the mix of magics with warrior never really fitted his style. Taking his leave and finally severing his ties with Axa, resigning even as a Questor, Gavadel disappeared for a few months, rumored to be to Amber itself. On his return he came wielding his ancient blade Meridiandal with it's sister-shield Yrenasand. Finally appearing in Avalon, he signed up with the Knights of the Round Table. However for his mount he forgoes the noble steeds of Arthur, and the sight of the amberite circling above the town of Camelot on his pegasus Fledge has become a usual one. He exhibits the usual strengths and weaknesses of one of his race, however it should be noted even other amberites consider his strength to be of legend. And when his hand wields the blade Meridiandal, the forces of chaos take heed.

Gavadel tells part of the tale in his own words in the following:
Part 1: A Cat, An Amulet and Eris
Part 2: The Good of Order
Part 3: Heart of Darkness Soul of Light


Gavadel's life is an eventful one, due to... various factors the survival rate amongst those in his service is pretty low. However the position is an esteemed one and many have tried, and most have failed. They've died due to misadventure, lost in the jungles of the south, eaten by dragons, more than a few during one of Gavadel's assaults on Angband or Bloodmoon Temple, fallen, slain by supposed allies during combat.

The first squire of Gavadel's to be knighted was Sir Tebilir Fecnemathson a young male human from Camelot who survived numerous adventures in the far north and against the undead. His most significant contribution was keeping his Lord alive during a nasty incident with the Balrog of the Shadow Tower. Needless to say, the former master and former squire are pretty close and Gavadel can't help but worry when his young protegè gets sent by Arthur on errands and has had him assigned as a Captain in charge of Camelot's yeomen. Other Knights who survived Gavadel's tutorage include Sir Gymdenan Crofter of Camelot, noted for his brave stand by his master's side on the Field of the Blood Moon, which was motivation enough for Gavadel to take him as his squire, Sir Dizallo of Devonshire, now serving with his friend Gymdenan as in charge of the guard of the gate of the castle and Sir Horcimis, another of Lord Gavadel's squires, a human from Camelot. Sir Iseltor Scriptor has joined the group who've survived Gavadel's training, another human from Camelot, noted for his skill with the lyre as well as the sword. The first of the Lord Gavadel's female squires was Dame Crissa, which caused quite a stir amongst the higher ranks. A street kid from Losthaven, few thought she had what it took to rise through the ranks. Neither truth be told did she. However during a battle with a raiding party from Og, her master lay wounded on the field of battle, his amberite blood seeping from a mortal wound to his chest, she kept her head and healed him, allowing him to continue and win the fight. Rumors abounded that their relationship was more than proper for that of a Knight, but although she developed a crush on Gavadel, both maintain it never went beyond that.

Losthaven Guard, White Cross of Yehovah and Na Caomhnoiri

Gavadel is one of the higher ranked members of the Losthaven Guard a duty he takes very seriously, particularly as it is the home of so many new adventurers. Due to the outbreaks of disease in 555, he also founded the White Cross of Gaia at the behest of the Green Lantern Donald in an effort to stem the threat of the plague sweeping Gaia. However after a few weeks of wrestling with the Pantarchic Church, concerned that 'Gaia' might be confused with the deity he changed the name to the White Cross of Yehovah. When the plague passed, the White Cross of Yehovah was disbanded. Prince Gavadel was then asked to join Na Caomhnoiri, an order of heroes who see themselves as Guardians. A group dedicated to thwarting the evil in the world. Shortly after joining he was asked to lead the group. Gavadel's efforts since have won the acclaim of some and enmity of others. In the city of Losthaven, Prince Gavadel is one of the few to hold the rank of Captain, a position that has been earned and isn't as some assume, honorary.


Noted for taking a stance against even the most powerful in his defense of the city of Losthaven, Gavadel has raised the ire of many of Almeria's most powerful forces for evil or chaos. Brak, the local recruiter of Almerians for the Chaos Knights being one, in Brak Gavadel has earned the notice of one of the planes' most powerful beings and the most he can do is try to escape alive during their engagements. The Bezhuldaar monster Behold also threatened the city. For months Gavadel swore he would defeat it despite his constant lossses in their many engagements. To the surprise of everyone in the realms, Gavadel, using his powers as a Knight managed to defeat the beast.

Personal Items

Gavadel has borne more than a few things over his career, however mainly associated with his name are the following artifacts.


This is a white steel longsword of unearthly craftsmanship, with an edge whose glitter seems less a matter of reflecting light than of slicing it to shards. The apparent skill of its forging makes less of an impression, however, than the lines of glowing energy embedded within it, forming an odd pattern that tugs at the mind like a distant snatch of a song that one has not heard since childhood. This blade is named Meridiandal, and if legend holds true, it is the personal blade of Gavadel of Amber, and the lines within it are an image of a fragment of the Pattern, the source of cosmic order. It is permeated by a shimmering radiance. It has a webwork of silvery light within and around it. It is in perfect condition. It looks about a twentieth of a dimin wide and fifteen dimins long. It weighs very little.


This is a white kite shield made of steel. The quality of its craftsmanship is exquisite. Lines of glowing energy are embedded within it, describing a strange pattern that attracts one's attention like the hint of a taste that one cannot quite identify. Its name is Yrenasand, and story would have that it is the personal shield of Gavadel of Amber, and that the lines within it are an image of a fragment of the Pattern, the source of cosmic order. It is permeated by a dim silvery light and a shimmering radiance. It is in perfect condition. It looks about seven and a half dimins across and a twentieth of a dimin long. It weighs about one dekan.


This is a hauberk made of white steel. The quality of its craftsmanship is exquisite. Lines of glowing energy are embedded within it, linking into a strange pattern that draws the eye subtly, leaving obscure fragments of inscrutable meaning drifting away from the mind. This is Caralanthe, Pattern-armour bearing within it a fragmentary mirror-image of the source of cosmic order, said to be the personal armour of Prince Gavadel of Amber. It is said to enhance the wearer's physical recuperative capacities in proportion to hir degree of attunement to the forces of order. It is in perfect condition. It is intermediate in size, and looks a little small for you. It appears to you as if it was crafted for an Amberite. It looks about twelve and a half dimins tall, four and a fifth dimins wide, one and a twentieth dimins long and a twentieth of a dimin thick. It weighs about one and three tenths dekans. You estimate that it is worth something upward of eight thousand five hundred gold. You are wearing it.


This is a pegasus mare with a brown coat, yellow wings, raven-black mane and tail, and brown eyes. Her demeanor contains a mixture of caution and curiousity. She looks about twenty-five dimins long, six and three tenths dimins wide and twelve and a half dimins tall. She is in good shape. She sparkles faintly with brown light.

Not an item per se, Fledge the Pegasus is Gavadel's constant companion during his adventures. The pegasus is fiercely loyal of her friend, it should be noted however that the survival rate of Gavadel's squires and other companions has gone up since she joined up, as she's particularly protective of the less seasoned types that tag along on Gavadel's escapades.

The Band of the White Cross

The name is a holdover from the days of The White Cross of Yehovah, and was orignally Gavadel's Guard as he travelled the world curing the plague when he could. Now the small War Band on pegasi is trained to be a fast-moving aerial strike force wherever it is needed. The Band is small but it's members are usually well-trained. Sir Ruburnel is the only original member left, but is supported by Sir Nerus of Camelot, Sir Nalalun another Knight Templar, Bannerman Nadon who holds the group's standard, whomever Gavadel's current squire happens to be and usually a number of yeomen fill the Band out until it numbers ten.


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