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My fellow players... It has been pointed out to me at various times that my character page is made of awesome. As much as I would love to believe that both me and my character page ARE made of awesome, this is simply not true. I'm just one of the few who has actually made a relatively RP-orientated page for my character. You too can be made of this alleged AWESOMEness, simply load my character page, click on edit and copy the entire page, to create your own page simply (for example) and paste in what you've copied. Replace my information with your own, find an apporiate picture and upload it replacing Gavadel.jpg with Surgin.jpg. Now you too have a page made of awesome and probably better than mine. :D

You'll notice wiki-code isn't that difficult, my trick is copying and pasting from stuff that does things better than me :) Also have a look at the category section of the code and edit it accordingly.

King Arthur's Master Plan Revealed


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