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Green Lantern Corps is DEAD! R.I.P.

It isn't here anymore. Don't bother looking for it in-game.

This guild has been decommissioned and replaced by the Lightbringers as of change 5338.

                       [ The Green Lantern Corps ]

The Green Lantern Corps is a military organization dedicated to opposing the tide of darkness and corruption plaguing the land; in particular, the Corps opposes the machinations of the fomor lord Ahrikol and his servants.

The Corps was formed by its commander, Hal Jordan. Under guidance about which he reveals little, Jordan developed a way to turn Ahrikol's rings of power, the devices by which he controls and empowers his Ringwielder thralls, against him. He created, or was given, the Power Battery, which gathers and focuses a kind of emerald energy which may be employed by the transformed power rings used by the Corps. From the form of the Battery -- a great lantern casting forth the green glow of its energy -- the Green Lantern Corps took its name.

The behavior of these new rings differs from that before their transformation in several ways. First, their power always manifests itself in its emerald form. Second, the energy is free-form in nature, being employable to a number of effects given only sufficient willpower on the part of the wielder, with no need for esoteric runes to channel it. Thirdly, the energy displays a curious antipathy for iron and steel: it fades away upon the merest contact with such materials, and the power rings become unstable with too much exposure to them.

The Corps is not a secret society, but exercise caution. The location of the headquarters should only be revealed to a prospective member after you have made efforts to ascertain that they are not an agent of Ahrikol.

               Several other help topics provide information:
       requirements            Requirements placed on a Green Lantern
       proficiency             The factors of a Green Lantern's ability
       capabilities            The abilities of a Green Lantern
       levels                  The hierarchy of the Green Lantern Corps

       Weapon Constructs List

       List of materials usable by Green Lanterns: Hyperium, Erivelin, Mithril, Gold, Silver, any type of wood.
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