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 This is a female cat with dark gray fur and hazel eyes.  She seems more
 gregarious and bright than most cats.  Her eyes take in her surroundings with
 a piercing, even analytical gaze. She looks about six and a twentieth dimins long, one and
 a half dimins wide and three and a twentieth dimins tall. 

While they may seem like normal cats at first glance, they are much more. Psionic cats are incredible psychics themselves and have the potential to turn their consort into a master of the psychic talents they possess.


You imagine what it would be like to have a deep bond with the stray black tomcat, and you feel a distinct echo from within him.

You experience feelings of autonomy, giftedness, acuity, and idealism.

Apparently any amount of Telepathy skill (even 0) is all that is required. Typically just bonding to a psionic matrix will suffice.



As far as has been seen, a psionic cat consort gains bonuses to their dexterity, intelligence and charisma.


Early Robust

Tier 1

Immediately upon bonding Bonus specialties and access granted to:

Shortly afterwards

Tier 2

at the end of very frail

Tier 3

at healthy bond

Tier 4

at very healthy

half way through deep +3 bonus to all psi skills and channeling

Other Boons

   You pet Omoihi with your left claw.
   You sense a swell of telepathic energy flowing into your spirit.

When you pet a psionic cat, you obtain this buff, which is a telepathy buff among other things. Note that while you can poke your familiar to give them back the energies, be warned that they may not like being poked and may retaliate with the usage of an offensive psychic ability.

Innate Abilities

Abilities the familiar may have before bonding.

Psychic Talents

All psionic cats, as far as has been recorded, are mindspeakers. Many of them possess an alarmingly large number of talents, but they are also typically very, very good at their talents, far exceeding their consorts initially and possibly in the long run. To find out what psychic talents your familiar has, the only true way is trial and error. You can monitor their SP usage through astral perception and looking at them for the more subtle talents, otherwise you'll see something like "A dark gray female cat concentrates." if they have it and can use it. However, if you're an incredibly powerful mindreader and/or a sensitive, you can try and figure out their talents through usage of your own. Bear in mind that your cat may be subject to popping a new talent at any given time.

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