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blindfighting - This skill allows you to focus on your surroundings with senses other than sight, making it possible to fight while unable to see, for whatever reason. Those who master it can fight with virtually no loss in ability.

calligraphy - a skill which will allow you to write in a stylistic fashion.

climbing - This skill allows you to get to places high up without flying. Note there is usually a means to get there that you will be able to see if you can get there.

jumping - The skill of being able to hurl yourself short distances and land on your feet.

plant lore - This allows you find medicinal herbs in the forested areas that allow you to treat wounds more efficiently.

somatesthesia - This skill allows you to concentrate your inner energies to heal yourself faster. Those who master it recover from devastating injuries at a ridiculous rate.

meditation - By meditation, you can focus your inner eneries in such a way as to increase your rate of healing. This is separate from somatesthesia as they are slightly different techniques of accomplishing the same goal. Combined together they make recovery from all but the most devastating wounds little more than a bit of resting.

weapon lore - This is the knowledge of weapons in all their myriad forms. Some people concentrate exclusively on one type of weapon (such as the Aisenshi), at the cost of losing versitility, but gaining enhanced abilities with the weapon. The Knights and the Aisenshi use this skill to appraise the quality of weapons.

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