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         [ = Arkonaad = ]
\      /    [ Type                    : ] attack
 \    /     [ Description             : ] detonate
  \  /      [ Significance            : ] trivial
  (  )      [ Activity Cost           : ] fifteen
   \/       [ Activation Spirit Cost  : ] three
   /\       [ Control Skills          : ] three parts power direction, three parts power focusing, three parts power generation,
   \/                                     three parts pyraturgy, three parts telesmatic weapon,
                                          two parts power tuning, 
                                          one part anatomy and one part physics
            [ Specialty Access        : ] pyraturgy and telesmatic weapon degree I access
            [ Requirements to Know    : ] have at least 100 points among
                                          rune lore skill,
                                          pyraturgy skill,
                                      and physics skill
            [ Requirements to Use     : ] have at least 200 points among
                                          100% of pyraturgy skill,
                                          100% of anatomy skill,
                                          100% of physics skill,
                                          100% of demolition skill,
                                      and 50 points for having completed the Power Potion Quest

The rune arkonaad is used to infuse a living being with a small measure of pyromantic energy. While such a tiny amount is used so as to be, in most circumstances, completely ineffective, when provided with a mortally wounded opponent the energy will be be able to penetrate fully into their body to grow and swell until the mortal vessel can no longer contain it. As one might expect, this typically results in a rather crude and violent end for the victim in question.

(note: the exploding limbs *will* occasionally also hit the casting player along with other enemy targets for limb damage of 20-30HP. This damage is completely unavoidable and unresistable. Don't let that dissuade you from this incredible fun rune though if you need the mortal-finisher and pyraturgy access! -Dalton)

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