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Bats are small agile creatures, associated with feelings of corruption, irreverence and power. They are associated with visions of blood and darkness. Bats are associated with unholy energies.

  • Can be found in Quetlatl


10 Lore and 4 Affinity is enough. One training session with Helborg and one with Keiko will get you there.

Failure Message

You sense a strange, premonitory thrill from the pale blue male frost bat and the stirrings of some malificent [sic] force within your own spirit, but it quickly ebbs, as though that force could find nothing inside you to root onto.

Attribute Modifiers

Increases Strength, Intellect, Vitality, Agility, Willpower, Ego, and Perception equally.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
qlippotic affinity 16 75 + 10% base
aging retardation 12 60
cacoturgy 11 55
invocation 11 55
anatomy 8 40
flight 8 40
qlippotic lore 8 40
stealth 8 40
vocalization 8 40
sanguiphrasty 7 35
arcane lore 4 20
quickness 4 20
rune lore 4 20
theology 4 20
lockpicking 3 none
elder lore 2 none


Traits with values beyond yes continually increase with bond strength: Luck and Astral Perception. Luminescence also values beyond yes, but decreases, causing the consort to create darkness. Some of these do not occur on even bond level increases, but rather appear partway through. The bond also provides a large bonus to Speed that increases with bond strength.

Very Frail

Somewhat Frail (Middle-Late)




Special Attacks

Attack Rating is boosted by Willpower and Cacoturgy, and to a lesser extent (.5x) Qlippotic Affinity. Damage rating is unmodified.

Very Frail (Late)

  • Bolt of Foul Darkness


  • Shockwave of Hellsong


Nearing Completion

  • Torrent of Unholy Power



At some point either your bat gains paravision or it is too dark for it to see from your inventory so needs to be out to get exploration.

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