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  • Type: Dagger
  • Location: Tempus in Sanctuary
  • Materials: 83% hemosar, 17% pyrax
  • Damage Types: Slashing
  • Restrictions:
  • Size: A fifth of a dimin wide and four and a half dimins long. It weighs about a tenth of a dekan.
  • Extras: Has several special attacks, including siphoning the health of opponents.
  • Description:

This is a dagger made of fiery hemosar. The quality of its craftsmanship is exquisite. It has a pitch colored hilt and a bloodied triangular, diamond-shape blade. The rich moist texture of the blade seems to flow continuously as if it were real, living blood. Occasionally a flicker of bloody flame will dance across the blade's surface. The blade of the dagger Bloodfire is composed of living blood and enchanted fire. Based on legend, the weapon is capable of drawing out the fire of the victim's life force and transferring the energy to its user.

  • Info:

Keeping Bloodfire costs seventy keep points. Bloodfire was created by Giliath, Xekrin, and Chaos, who wish to credit Fritz Leiber as inspiring this work, and is maintained by Xekrin; the source code was last updated Sat May 27 13:58:52 2017. The dagger weapon type was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Tue Mar 15 02:21:48 2016. The material hemosar was created by Chaos and Giliath; the source code was last updated Sun May 28 21:13:24 2017.

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