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Abilities (Kazarak)

As a trans-dimensional demonic entity in a shell of mortal flesh, your new life is going to take some getting used to. The body that you are using will not repair itself or recover energy like it did while it was alive, and to preform either of those tasks requires a direct infusion of your power. This is done with the commands 'repair' and 'revitalize'. Your own power is limited and you can only put so much energy into repairing the body without breaks. A corpse requires no sustenance, so there is no need to eat or drink. Your own essence will still need energy, and there are two useful sources in this plane, magic items and the souls of the recently dead. Once a magic item is in your hands, the command 'consume <target>' will break it down to raw power and transfer that back to you. The draining of souls is part of the general 'drain' power below.

The original soul that animated the flesh is gone, devoured by you as you broke into this world. It can never come back. However your own powers are only linked to the body by the runes that exist in the flesh, and these provide only a conduit for your power. Attacks against this conduit will be very dangerous to you. The raw power of the runes also interferes with the operation of other magic around your new body. Long term protection or auras will fail if they attempt to protect you. You can force energy into the body for purposes other then healing. These are refered to as "charges". You can also drain energy out of the environment, physical objects or even the minds of beings. This is preformed by the 'drain' command.


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