Infusion (Kazarak Charge)

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The infusion charge is one of the most utilitarian charges, and also one of the most dangerous ones to the kazarak's personal safety. Basically, the infusion charge channels a quantity of energy into the kazarak with the intention of further strengthening other channels for the flow of even more energy. This has the effect of making all energy transfer operations much more efficient, and also has the effect of rendering the kazarak extremely sensitive to their environment. The kazarak using this charge will be phenomenally perceptive, and will have much greater control over its movements and energy control powers. There is a price to be paid for these powers though; the enhanced energy channels granted by this charge render the kazarak extremely susceptible to several forms of intense energy attacks. The kazarak that uses this charge unwisely will soon be felled when they try to absorb too much energy at once and are unable to handle the sudden burst of power.

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