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help channel

Perform Eristic Channeling

  • Paratheo-Anametamystikhood of Eris Esoteric Combat Maneuver
  • Usage: perform eristic channeling at <target> [using <using>]
  • Typical Activity Cost: 20

The ability to channel chaos (as well as the other Discordian Seasons) is by far the most flexible of the powers at your command. It can be used to heal or to harm in a great variety of ways.

The 'level' of the channeling is how much raw energy is involved. 'help channel levels' gives more information on this.

Energy channeled via the divinity of Eris includes a small fraction of the goetic power granted to the more pious of Her worshippers by default; to exclude this power and channel pure chaotic energies only, add the word 'pure' to the energy specification. This is out of date as of change #6281: POEE chaos channels now default to pure chaos unless your piety is greater than a certain minimum. That minimum seems to be above 84. Note that this is higher than Malaclypse teaches, so have fun doing challenges to get it...

The 'element' of the channeling is the specification for which, if any, of the Discordian Elements the power is aligned with. 'help channel elements' gives more information on this.

The 'polarity' is either positive or negative; positive chaos helps, negative chaos harms. If no polarity is specified, it defaults to negative.

The 'season' of the channeling is the Discordian Season from which the power is drawn. 'help channel seasons' specifies these seasons.

All specifications are optional, and can be entered in any order -- if nothing is specified, the energy channeled will be the minimum intensity of negative chaos. Target specification is optional if in combat, in which case it defaults to your current opponent.

Channeling behaves differently when one's target is an inanimate object; type 'help channel objects' for details. You may substitute 'me' or 'myself' as a target designation if you wish to channel energy into yourself.

Different element and season combinations can produce secondary effects related to the 'channel type' (sometimes also known as the 'spin control') of the final effect, which affects precisely what the energy does to the target. 'help channel types' has more info.

The primary factors in determining effectiveness of one's channeling abilities is one's Inana, but one's skill in the art of chaoturgy also plays a highly significant role. One's aptitude at the skills of chaoturgy, evocation, bellerophrasty, piety, introspection, and metaphysics are also involved in determining the damaging potential and targeting accuracy when directing energies at opponents in combat.

  • Valere whispers, "The channel power will accept multiple targets. This is useful for channeling minor positive chaos into all remains, for example, or max positive pungent into all beings to stomp out Ugior's Rot."

Configure Channeling Preferences

  • Energy Costs  : one point of spiritual energy
  • Process to Activate Power  : concentrate on setting my eristic channeling preference for <component> to <setting>

When using Eristic Channeling in combat, things can get a little frenetic -- one usually doesn't have the time or concentration to carefully pick and choose exactly which components desired to mix include in a channeling attempt. By embedding a subconscious thought trigger in your pineal gland, you can automatically default some or all of the components of your Eristic Channeling to desired settings. You can specify a valid setting, a setting of 'none' (indicating you wish to use the default or clear a previous setting) or a setting of 'random' (indicating you wish for that setting to be specified randomly each time the ability is activated -- All Hail Discordia!). The components that can be specified using this ability are purity, element, polarity, season, and intensity.

help channel levels

There are five levels of channeling power: minor, lesser, major, greater, and great. To discover what your current maximum is, you can type 'show channel maximum'. To use your current maximum channeling level, simply supply 'max' as part of your Eristic Channeling formula.

The higher the level, the more spiritually draining the channeling, and the more effective.

help channel elements

The different channeling elements are boom, orange, prickle, sweet, and pungent. If no element is specified for a channeling, none will be added.

The meanings, such as they are, of each element are as follows:

   [ Boom ]
       The Discordian element of Boom represents the sense of hearing, and
       is most strongly associated with the 'vital' channel type.
       Adding Boom to an offensive channel will infuse the channeled
       energy with the power of thunder.
   [ Orange ]
       The Discordian element of Orange represents the sense of sight, and
       is most strongly associated with the 'sensory' channel type.
       Adding Orange to an offensive channel will infuse the channeled
       energy with the power of fire.
   [ Prickle ]
       The Discordian element of Prickle represents the sense of touch, and
       is most strongly associated with the 'physical' channel type.
       Adding Prickle to an offensive channel will infuse the channeled
       energy with the power of explosive disintegration.
   [ Sweet ]
       The Discordian element of Sweet represents the sense of taste, and
       is most strongly associated with the 'hematic' channel type.
       Adding Sweet to an offensive channel will infuse the channeled
       energy with a panopoly of delightful flavors.
   [ Pungent ]
       The Discordian element of Pungent represents the sense of smell, and
       is most strongly associated with the 'humorous' channel type.
       Adding Pungent to an offensive channel will infuse the channeled
       energy with the power of offensive smells.

Including an element in a non-offensive channel may have other effects beyond those listed here. Unless you aren't cool enough, obviously.

help channel types

Types are no longer specified directly in the channel, but are added by elements and seasons. The help file has yet to be updated.

The different channeling types are mental, spiritual, physical, vital, sensory, hematic, and adrenal. If no type is specified for a channeling, it defaults to a 'general' variety with some effects in all of these areas. If a type is specified, that one area experiences better results at the expense of all the others.

The meanings of the various types are:

   [ Mental ]
       This has to do with the coherence and robustness of one's mental
       processes.  A common manifestation of disrupted mental processes
       is stunning.
   [ Spiritual ]
       This is your personal spiritual energy, the reserves of power
       one uses to perform magick.
   [ Physical ]
       Your physical aspect is the general health and performance level
       of your body; largely how tired you are.  For objects, it is
       their overall structural integrity.
   [ Vital ]
       This is your lifeforce; how much you can take before dying.
       Negative chaos of this aspect withers limbs and drains life;
       positive chaos restores health and fitness.
   [ Sensory ]
       Simply the condition of your sense systems, especially your sense
       of sight.
   [ Hematic ]
       The condition of your blood, whether it contains poisons or not.
   [ Adrenal ]
       The level of adrenalin in your body.  Creatures with very high
       adrenalin levels move very fast, and the corresponding effect for
       low levels.
   [ Humorous ]
       The state of the humors in your body, determining whether or not
       you are diseased.

If the channeling has a positive polarity, it will have positive effects in the various areas; restoring endurance for physical, healing for vital, curing blindness for sensory, and so on. Opposite effects for negative polarity; damaging for vital, poisoning for hematic, stunning for mental, slowing for adrenal, etcetera.

Some known interesting applications of channeling:

Negative mental chaos has been known to cause strange, sometimes crippling mental disorders, and positive chaos likewise can cure them.

Negative humorous chaos can cause a bizarre disease known as grimlyosis.

Large fluxes of positive physical chaos can infuse objects with a chaotic essence, generally improving their strength and making them lighter.

Reports have it that, by channeling sufficiently extreme fluxes of positive physical chaos while holding at least five warpstones, one can sometimes reverse the mutative effects of exposure to teratogenic chaos energy from warpstones.

help channel seasons

The primary component of one's ability to channel energy is the aspect, known to some as the 'season', of the energy being channeled. The seasons of the Discordian calendar are Chaos, Discord, Confusion, Bureaucracy, and Aftermath.

A brief summary, questionably informative, of each season is as follows:

   [ Chaos ]
       The first season of the Discordian Calendar represents the renewal 
       of free-spirited shenaniganization, a time for the forgetting of
       mistakes past and the commencement of mistakes future.  When used 
       as part of an offensive channel, inflicts primarily raw chaos damage.
       This season is not strongly associated with any particular channel 
       type, allowing the channel type of the specified element, if any, to
       take precedence.
   [ Discord ]
       The second season of the Discordian Calendar represents the 
       strengthening of chaotic forces, a period typically characterized by 
       delusions of ability and the commencement of creative endeavour 
       typically accompanied by the disagreements produced thereby.  When 
       used as part of an offensive channel, inflicts primarily disruptive
       air damage.  It is most strongly associated with the 'mental' channel 
   [ Confusion ]
       The third season of the Discordian Calendar represents the escalating 
       intensity of time's progression, as poor ideas are translated into 
       poorer decisions and differences of opinion progress into differences 
       of spatial inertia.  When used as part of an offensive channel, 
       inflicts fundamental disorganization of both one's mind and one's 
       body and may inflict a confusion effect upon the target.  This season 
       is not strongly associated with any particular channel type, allowing 
       the channel type of the specified element, if any, to take precedence.
   [ Bureaucracy ]
       The fourth season of the Discordian Calendar represents the inevitable
       slide into structured stasis as the year grinds onward towards its 
       eventual end.  As the frenetic house-party of the previous seasons 
       comes to a close, someone must inescapably clean up the shattered 
       remnants of lamps and teapots while trying to figure out whose goat
       this is eating the curtains.  When used as part of an offensive 
       channel, inflicts extreme boredom.  It is most strongly associated 
       with the 'adrenal' channel type.
   [ Aftermath ]
       The fifth and final season of the Discordian Calendar represents the 
       eventual decay of all things, including the carefully-constructed 
       order of the previous season.  Generally a time for reflection, 
       excuses, and strategic withdrawals to climes less densely populated 
       with unwelcome repercussions.  When used as part of an offensive 
       channel, inflicts primarily physical aging.  It is most strongly 
       associated with the 'spiritual' channel type.

Most seasons have similar (if not outright identical) effects when used upon non-living objects, but surprises may await those with negative correlations between curiosity and common sense.

help channel objects

In general, channeling chaos into inanimate objects behaves unpredictably. However, a small number of guidelines can prove useful. Channeling positive chaos into corpses or remains attempts to gain some physical benefit from those remains, while channeling negative chaos into them attempts to convert them into some manner of useful energy. Channeling negative chaos into non-living objects generally destroys them, while channeling positive chaos into non-living objects attempts to repair or infuse them with various types of random energies. Each of these effects is strongly dependent upon the exact mix of element, season, and power level used for the channeling attempt, but the results are rarely predictable.

Notes on Object channeling

  • Channeling positive energies into items infuses them with chaos (and possibly other) energies. See Item Infusion for details on that process. POEE can infuse items with chaos, order, spirit, entropy, extropy, air, water, and fire with the right energy combinations (and some luck).
  • Channeling positive energies into remains will transform those remains into items. Usually, those items will explode hilariously for no reason. Usually.
    • Exploding items can cause shrapnel in combat.
    • Different channel types generate different items - eg. chaos for random items, discord for books, bureaucracy for weapons, etc...
  • Channeling negative energies into remains will generate energy.
    • Different channel types regenerate different energies - eg. straight chaos for SP, discord for creative, etc...
  • For either type of remains channeling, 'minor' chaos will typically work just fine.


  • Channeling positive chaos into a living being at a power level greater than major will result in a buff:
   You feel the currents of chaos synchronize with your movements.
  • Oraror sez: This is because channeling chaos with no dominant channel types from a season/element combination can produce effects with random channel types, thus you can get adrenal chaos speed boosts without having direct access to the season of bureaucracy. This can be very handy for beginner POEE - channeling max positive chaos into yourself can sometimes cure diseases, unblind you, heal you, etc. without needing a high liberty. It will be incredibly wasteful of chaos energy since you'll probably have to do it a few times to get the desired effect, but it might just save you from nasty stuff.
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