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show charges

   OOC Incarnos-Only Kazarak Display
   Usage: show charges

   Displays the current state of your charges.

   See Also: charge

help charge

Perhaps the most powerful ability granted to the kazarak by the Kazar is the ability to store charges of energy within their bodies. These charges are varied in purpose, but all serve to enhance the host body in one way or another, making them a more efficient tool for use by the Kazar.

The number of these charges that may be used simultaneously depends on a number of factors. Each charge has different requirements in terms of energy and skill level required, and there are three power levels for each charge ( minor, major, and greater ). Clearly, more complex and more powerful charges are more difficult to maintain, and therefore fewer may be used at once.

All charges begin at 'minor' power level and with a minimum amount of contained energy. They must be bolstered by adding more energy with continued use of the 'charge' command, as the energy slowly dissipates from them over time. Charges may also have their power level altered through the use of the 'upgrade' and 'downgrade' commands. Higher levels will of course use more energy over time. The 'perform charge balancing' command is useful in controlling the exact amount allotted to each charge, as it redistributes the energy in all charges to work in the most efficient manner.

Charges may be monitored by using the 'show charges' command to list all active charges, or the 'estimate' command to view a single charge in particular. If a charge is no longer needed, it may be 'dispel'led and a portion of its contained energy will be returned to the host. Another possibility for a no-longer-needed charge is to 'release' it, which can have extreme and somewhat unpredictable consequences, depending on the charge in question.

Possible charges:

Charge syntax:

  • show charges - gives a list of the types and power levels of all currently-active charges
  • charge <charge type> - this sets up a charge initially
  • charge <charge type> <amount> - this adds energy to a charge
  • charge all <amount> - this adds energy to all charges which are currently active
  • dispel <charge type/"all"> - this dispels one or more charges, turning them off and reclaiming some of the invested energy
  • estimate <charge type> - this returns an estimation of the power level of a particular charge
  • upgrade <charge type/"all"> - upgrades the specified charges to the next higher power level.
  • downgrade <charge type/"all"> - downgrades the specified charges to the next lower power level.
  • perform charge balancing - this redistributes the energy in all active charges to make most efficient use of it.
  • release <charge type/"all") - this releases all energy stored in a charge/charges in one single, unpredictable burst.
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