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[ Combat ]

A great number of factors come into play in combat, too many to give a detailed description of each. A list of some of them are:

Skills: weapon training and other combat-related skills.

Attributes: strength, agility, intellect, perception, and size all matter in different ways.

Handedness: non-ambidextrous folk perform better with their primary hand.

Vision: how well you can see in the battle has considerable impact. For those times when you must fight in the dark the blindfighting skill will help you.

Combat modes: different combat modes have considerable impact on different aspects of combat. See 'help set combat mode'.

Armour: your armour serves to absorb damage if you are hit. Some weapons are good for penetrating armour however, and the material and armour type will affect its absorption against different weapon types.

Resistances: all races have natural resistance to certain attack forms. Items and spells may also grant some amount of resistance when used.

Hatreds: some races have long-standing enmities with other races, and fight more ferociously against these foes.

Special Weaponry: there is a vast variety of weaponry in the world each with its own unique characteristics that change your effectiveness during combat.

This is not a complete list; the mechanics are very complex. However, it should be enough to give you an idea of what you need to think about.

See also: weapons, skills, character

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