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this article should maybe be part of the Character Features, Help Files, Commands categories.

Is there a game mechanics category?

Anyway, there should be a writeup on the basic kill/attack command.

And an overview of the myriad ways players can influence combat. Not too much detail. Should be link-city.

Should have links to setabble combat related stuff:

Combat Mode, Aim, Attack Scatter, Effort, Strike Location, Resolve


Equipement, Weapons, Armour

Not to mention:

Attacks, Defenses, Special Attacks?

some other non settable

Show Effects, Limbs, Vitals, Energies, Handedness, Vision




Combat Skills, Weapon Skills, Harm Skills for different races, Fieldcraft Skills for different locales

if flying then:

Flight whatever else?

of not flying then:

Jumping, Tumbling, Dancing or whatever

to a lesser degree:

Tactics, other stuff maybe

Maybe a fluffy section about buffs? Trav/POEE/Questor/Sodality/RW/Inducted auras for example. Nature's Joints/Bridge. OZM Welkin Wings, Phallic pulse. Not comprehensive at all, but interesting stuff that might appeal to a player who hasn't heard of any of it.

Basically. The IC help file for combat is "fine" but in an OOC setting like a wiki we should really leverage the ability to use hyperlinks, and provide a slightly more opinionated overview of how 2 fite.

A newbie who hasn't made a character yet who randomly finds this page should read it and think "wow this game sounds cool".

should probably be [Category:Game_Content]

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