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Characters in Lost Souls have various limbs which serve different purposes and can be injured. 
To see your limbs, use the 'show limbs' command.
Larger limbs generally have more hit points, but the larger a limb is, the more often it will
be hit, and the more damage it will take from attacks that strike multiple limbs.
When the hit points of a limb go below zero, it is disabled; this represents a broken bone,
torn muscle or similar condition.  You cannot wield weapons, hold shields, or perform any
other active tasks with a disabled limb.  However, if there is already armour on it, the
armour will not be removed.  If your head is disabled, you will die; characters with more
than one head die if all their heads are disabled.  If your chest is disabled, it will
continue to bleed, losing hit points.  If your chest reaches -25% of its maximum hit points,
you will die.  You regain the use of other disabled limbs when they heal up to their full
normal hit points.
When a limb other than your chest reaches -100% of its maximum hit points, it is amputated;
if you look around, you'll probably see it lying on the ground nearby.  Dealing with an
amputated limb is much more difficult than dealing with a disabled limb.  Some people and items
in the game can restore an amputated limb from nothing, but these are rare.  Often, your best
bet with an amputated limb is to grab the limb and take it to Kurd the Vivisectionist in the
city of Sanctuary, who can reattach it for you.  You will want to hurry before it begins to
See also: Show Limbs, Report Limbs

When assessing your overall health, Lost Souls accounts for the sum of your limbs. This can often be misleading, as a character who is missing a limb or two but at full health in all their remaining limbs may only appear to be "slightly hurt". Similarly, a severely injured head represents a loss of only a small portion of one's total hp pool. This is also true for one's opponents however, meaning that precise strikes to the head can often require substantially less total damage to fell one's enemies.

Injuries to your limbs can often result in negative effects. Strikes to limbs containing eyes or brains (heads for example) may result in temporary blindness, or mental afflictions. Disabled legs, or wings can make locomotion to be significantly more difficult. Even a disabled tail can negatively impact one's balance.

When engaged in extended combat, it is a good idea to periodically check your limbs using the show limbs command to better assess your current health.

Regaining Lost Limbs

  • Scrolls of limb regeneration can be used tor restore the limbs of you and your followers.
  • The temple of Amaretsu in Imptropolis will restore missing limbs for a fee.
  • Kurd the Vivisectionist in Sanctuary will re-attach a lost limb to your body if you drop it in front of him.
  • Most Aedarene are capable of restoring limbs through Benisons. Phyrra is an npc Aedarene who offers these services for a fee.
  • Powerful psi-healers have been known to be able to restore lost limbs.
  • POEE are capable of restoring limbs. With sufficient power it's possible for them to restore multiple limbs at once.
  • The Regrowth trait allows limbs to passively regrow over time.

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