Concavity (Aligned Form)

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This form builds on the resonance of the form Mirage: it allows one to send inanimate objects along the lines of resonance that one has with one's Exoma microcosm, storing them there until retrieved, either by visiting one's cosm or with the form Convexity. There is a base cost in order energy associated with this operation, and an additional cost per item sent that goes up with one's planar distance from the Exoma, and down with one's facility with this form.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 105 points among

sculpture skill, 50% of memory skill and unmodified Exoma fieldcraft skill

Facility Formula

20% of ego plus 25% of abjuration skill plus 20% of sculpture skill plus 15% of memory skill plus 20% of lexiturgy skill plus 5% of Exoma fieldcraft skill

Facility Range

0 to 250

Energy Costs

1 order

Process to Actualize

visualize a hollow sphere indented so as to receive <target>

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