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(Highly incomplete, Developers, feel free to rename twist headers based on official name for twists or move improperly placed ones to proper things, or add lesser twist effects like wall colors, would help a lot)


What Are They?

Deep within the infinitely chaotic plane of the Exoma, these pockets of personalized safety are generated through various means, and serve as safezone attuned to the person who generated them.

Getting One

What do they Do?

Inside your microcosm you get various boosted skills, generally related to regeneration, but your assimilativity is heavily reduced. Your microcosm also has an intelligent defensive mechanism that attacks intruders (but not friends or trustees) with various energy types based on your affinities and possibly certain magickal skills.


Microcosms have wildly varying physical and metaphysical features based on the compositions of the owner's mind, body, and soul, (countless things are involved in what chooses these, which include, but are not limited to: skills, traits, race, sanity, sobriety, affiliations, and even inventory content), and in different intensities based on how apparent said composition is this section will attempt to list all of them, and if possible, their causes. The colors of the microcosm's walls also seems to be based on factors as well. Wall colors may be determined primarily by affinities, changing colors as your body will, and Aligned can change their microcosm color using the true colors form. (Editors, please include both the room description and of it and its particular direct look description. Due to the manifold causes of microcosm twists, pinning down their purpose is futile at best, so it's best to just put them under a heading summarizing what they are)


  • The sphere wall has a translucent quality to it, allowing one to examine its strange physical structure.
    • There appears to be a radiating series of concentric, elastic rings behind the interior of the wall, supporting it with a globe-like latitudinal/longitudinal grid of rubbery material.
  • The sphere wall has a highly translucent quality to it, revealing the physical forces supporting it in great detail.
    • A grid-like structure of rubbery circles supports the interior of the wall, each strip pressing against all the others equally to achieve an equilibrium that results in the sphere-like shape with a large degree of resilience against deformation.
  • The sphere wall seems not only translucent but lens-like, revealing and magnifying in great detail its fundamental composition.
    • A grid-like structure of rubbery circles supports the interior of the wall, each circle itself made of minute, atomic quanta of elemental energy. All of the known elements seem well-represented, and their energies are channeled in such a way as to maintain the spherical distribution of matter that comprises the sphere's wall. This balance is a paradigm of the physical and mathematical elegance that can arise in nature.


  • Small white bones protrude here and there from the sphere's inner surface.
    • The inner surface of the sphere has small white bones protruding from it in various locations. They appear to be from a myriad of creatures, and some are merely broken shards.


  • Flickering motes of multicolored light dance in the air. (I have 151 chaos affinity and 166 chaoturgy, dunno which one it is)
    • The dancing motes of multicolored light flicker and shift in endless movement.
  • A ceaseless, swirling storm of motes of multicolored light fills the air.
    • The dancing motes of multicolored light swirl about in an unceasing, swirling storm.


  • Colorful wisps of energy flicker in the air and occasionally coalesce momentarily into imaginative cloud-like shapes
    • The colorful wisps of energy float in a hypnotic cloud, forming itself into something that looks now like a horse, now a bird, now a face, now a hand...
  • Lines of colorful energy drift in the air and occasionally solidify into some sort of determinate representation.
    • The strings of energy dance in remarkable, hypnotic sequences, forming themselves into now a woman, now a man, now a dragon, now a flower...


  • Tendrils of murky darkness twist and curl through the air.
    • Tendrils of murky darkness swirl and curl in the air all through the sphere's interior.


  • Patches of diseased skin are growing out of the sphere's inner walls


  • The sphere is covered with thick veins of pulsing dweomer.
    • The veins of energy pulse rhythmically, shot through with beads and globules of dweomer.


  • The sphere is covered with striations of opalescent energy.
    • The opalescent striations pulse steadily.


  • Dozens of silvery feathers float around in the air.
    • The silvery feathers float in circles around the sphere without ever touching its edges.
  • Hundreds of white feathers swirl through the air.
    • The white feathers swirl ceaselessly around the sphere without ever touching its edges.

(Caused at least by having feathery wings, the color of the feathers match the color of them)


  • Leaping tongues of flame roll along the sphere's heated interior walls, casting flickering, dancing shadows.
    • The inner walls of the sphere are set aflame by raging, destructive tongues of flame that cast a fiery, crimson hue over everything held within.


  • Patches of green leaves protrude from the inner surface of the sphere at scattered intervals.
    • The patches of green leaves grow from small twigs that emerge seemingly at random from the sphere's inner surface.

(can be acquired with sufficiently high jungle fieldcraft and/or forestry skills)


  • Dull embers drift down from above, trailing in a gentle fall through the air.
    • The interior of the sphere, wavering with radiated wavering heat waves is continually permeated with a lazy drift of embers, falling from somewhere unseen overhead.


  • Crackling arcs of kazarilin continually leap from point to point on the walls of the sphere.
    • Crackling arcs of kazarilin jump jump between apparently random points on the inside of the sphere at frequent intervals.


  • Thin veins of blood line the sphere wall, pulsing gently with motes of vivalis.
    • The thin veins of blood pulse with the healthy vigor of a well-cared-for body. Motes of vivalis glimmer within and occasionally emerge from them to swirl through the air. They have a few thin wisps of surging radiance within and around them.
  • Thick veins of blood are embedded in the inner wall of the sphere.
    • The thick veins of blood pulse with the healthy vigor of a well-cared-for body. Motes of vivalis glimmer within and occasionally emerge from them to swirl through the air. They have a few thin wisps of surging radiance within and around them.
  • Occasionally, motes of vivalis fly free from the veins and swirl through the air.
    • The motes of vivalis drift through the air as they overflow from the veins, spreading healthy energy throughout the sphere in much the same way as blood brings nutrients to organisms. They appear to be composed of a few thin wisps of surging radiance.


  • The smell of ozone in the air is overwhelming.
  • The walls of the sphere are continually awash in crackling skeins of lightning.
    • Skeins of lightning continually play over the walls of the sphere, forming a sort of moving, glowing, crackling spiderweb.


  • The air seems twisted and wrong in a way that defies further description or classification.
  • The air is completely and claustrophically inverted, though what this means is opaque, obscure, and maddeningly subjective.

(may or may not be caused by insanity or psychology skill)



  • Ghostly geometric patterns flicker in the air.
    • The ghostly geometric patterns light up in a linear sequence, gradually shifting as their logic unfolds.
  • A network of intangible, interpenetrating geometric lines fills the air.
    • The network of intangible interpenetrating geometric lines shifts in a gradual, mesmerizing metamorphosis, the logic of the math unfolding endlessly.



  • A few streaks of venomous residue line the wall of the sphere.
    • The streaks of venomous residue are thin and spare, giving off a dull reflection.


  • An occasional spark of quintessence flares and fades in the air.
    • The sparks of quintessence cast momentary, eerie shadows at impossible angles, that linger longer than the sparks themselves.
  • Motes of quintessence circle through the air around the periphery of the sphere.


  • Wisps of mental substance slither in the air and leave barely-perceptible, disembodied memories and imaginings in their wake.
    • The mental substance is drawing on the other perceptible features of the sphere and reimagining them as mild, fleeting hallucinations.
  • Traceries of psyche wind their way through the air, echoing now-disembodied thoughts and memories which occasionally manifest incoherently throughout the sphere.
    • The psychic substance is somehow heightening the perceptibility of qualities of the sphere even as it mixes strange hallucinations with them.
  • The air is alive with snaking strands of mental substance that permeate the contents of the sphere and apophatically reverberate with pure awareness.
    • The snaking strands of mental substance are somehow increasing the raw being -- or at least perceptibility -- of everything in the sphere.


  • Wisps of shimmering violet radiance flicker faintly along the edges of the sphere.
    • The wisps of shimmering violet radiance come and go with no apparent pattern.
  • Tendrils of shimmering violet radiance surge and flow through the air.
    • The tendrils of shimmering violet radiance twist and weave with no apparent pattern.


  • The wall is dotted with the shimmering runes of magickal symbolism.
  • The wall of the sphere is crisscrossed with shimmering runes connoting the symbolic energies that underlie all thought and civilization.
    • The shimmering runes play on and pull at the subconscious, giving objective reality to the hidden presuppositions and potentialities underlying the thousands of years of symbolic practice inherited by all sapient species.



  • The odor of liquor is overwhelming.

This is at least somewhat affected by carousing, drunkenness may also but that may be a similar but distinct twist.


  • Beams of white light cut through the air at vertical angles.
    • The beams of light move steadily across the sphere, as though they were sunbeams cast through a passing cloud above.


  • Large patches of silver scales cover the inner wall of the sphere.
    • The silver scales shimmer and ripple softly as though alive.

(This twist's colors match the scale color of the microcosm's owner, and is caused at least by having scales, if not other factors as well.)


  • Faint sketches appear here and there on the wall of miscellaneous bits of knowledge: there are maps, anatomical diagrams, mathametical proofs, and suggestive snatches of historical discussion.
    • The sketches are of the same color as the wall and almost blend in, appearing to etchings of some sort. They cover a diverse range of subjects, resembling the notes of an ambitious student with wide-ranging interests.


  • Patches of shadow with no apparent source lie cast across the sphere wall.
    • The patches of shadow cross the inner surface of the sphere at seemingly random locations, swathing it in a mysterious darkness. They have a few thin wisps of shadow within and around them.


  • Bits of the wall ripple irregularly, causing the surrounding air to refract light in an illusion-like manner.
    • The ripples are brief and sporradic, perhaps caused by some unseen perturbance in the physics of the sphere.
  • Whirlpools of space created by fleeting vacuums twist the air and bend the light on the walls of the sphere.
    • The whirlpools of space appear at random, perhaps caused by some unseen fluctuation of the underlying structure of the space here.



  • Small starry points of light can be seen along the wall's darker spots.
    • The small starry points of light sparkle as though alive.
  • The sphere wall is covered with starry points of light that are arranged in the shape of constellations as viewed from Almeria.
    • The starry points of light sparkle as though alive. They have a few thin streamers of emptiness and a few thin streamers of light within and around them.


I guess it is influenced by at least that skill (Elder Lore).

  • Writhing gray tentacles cover the the sphere's inner surface.
    • The tentacles continuously alternate between writhing over each other and struggling to reach further inward.


  • The motion of objects through the air is radically warped, at times speeding up, at times slowing down, and at times causing things to appear all at once in a different portion of the sphere.


  • Portions of the sphere wall appear to be made of brick, as if it were crafter-made.
    • The brick is simple in make, resembling the wall of a modest town building.
  • Portions of the sphere wall appear to be made of blocks of granite and carved with ornate structural features, as though it were the wall of a building.
    • The blocks of granite bear architectural embellishments in a complex and bombastic style.


  • A round, tightly woven straw mat, in the style of a combat training mat, curves along with the bottom of the sphere.
    • The straw mat is firm enough to withstand considerable punishment but soft enough to cushion the blow of falling.
  • The wall of the sphere along periphery of the mat is covered in elaborate etchings of battle scenes.
    • The etchings begin around the mat, forming a ring of battle scenes of great variety: anthropic, draconic, and bestial races of all variety battle with and against each other, as well as more alien creatures using more exotic weapons.
  • ... battle scenes; more abstract diagrams of combat tools and techniques follow above it, always showing a pair of combatants with diverse weapons and styles, with markings providing an anatomical and inertial analysis of a high degree of martial sophistication.
    • ... more exotic weapons. The diagrams in the ring above it pick out one of each species and pit them against each other in a seemingly endless variety of scenarios.

(A ton of things affect this, mostly combat skills, so it may or may not be incredibly common to find in a microcosm.)

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